Dyscarnate – And So It Came To Pass

The Sussex three-piece death metal band Dyscarnate released their highly anticipated sophomore album ‘And So It Came To Pass’ on 27 February 2012 via Siege Of Amida Records.  If ‘Enduring The Massacre’ announced their arrival as a fresh force to be reckoned with on the international death metal scene, then ‘And So It Came To Pass’ will surely cement their reputation as one of the best extreme music acts on the modern circuit. The band recorded the new material with Chris Fielding at Foel Studio, Wales, which was then mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Aborted, Xerath) in Denmark.

The album starts off with a two-minute instrumental track ‘The Weight Of All Things’ that gives you a mere hint of things to come, before roaring into ‘In The Face Of Armageddon’ a track filled with brutal blast-beats, guitars, bass lines and growly vocals and screams. I defy anyone not wanting to chant along to the ‘Rise, Rise again’ at the end of the track. ‘Cain Enable’ has a superb groove to it whilst retaining all the heaviness and power that you come to expect from Dyscarnate.  My favourite track on the album is ‘A Drone In The Hive’ combining heinous vocals, savage guitar and bass work, pounding drums to form a slick foot stomping neck breaking track. ‘Engraving Ecstasy’ screams into live not letting you catch a breather after ‘Drone’ battering you relentlessly with gruesome guitar riffs, bass lines and pounding beats.

‘The Promethean’ crushes you with heavy grooves and hard-hitting hooks and roaring vocals. The drums stand out for a solo! well along with some guitar work gives you a chance to catch up  before ‘Grinding Down The Gears’ and ‘Rise And Fall’ continues barraging your senses with musical abuse!. ‘Seizure’ is an attempt to make you have one. Plenty of growly and shouty vocals, hammering riffs and bass lines welded together by drilling drum beats. This brings us to the final and the longest track on the album ‘Kingdom Of The Blind’ is merciless in it onslaught, it does not let up until the final note, another killer track that does not disappoint.

‘And So It Came To Pass’ is a solid, tight power packed death metal album brought up to date. This album that tends to stick to the tried and tested route, however that is not a negative in this case as they inject so much energy they help stamp their own individual sound and style to the album.

Technical riffs but not too overly complicated so it grabs you from the onset and does not relent at all until the dying beat. Tom and Henry’s duel bloodthirsty vocal attack is savage coalesce of growls, scream and roars. There is not a dull or waste moment in this album. The album is superbly produced so we can hear everything that is going on, you hear more on subsequent listens.


Rating – 9/10



The Weight Of All Things

In The Face Of Armageddon

Cain Enable

A Drone In The Hive

Engraving Ecstasy

The Promethean

Grinding Down The Gears

Rise And Fall


Kingdom Of The Blind


Band members

Tom Whitty – Guitar & Vocals
Henry Bates – Bass & Vocals
Matt Unsworth – Drums




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