Soil and Puddle Of Mudd, The Garage, Glasgow 18/10/11

When Triple G Music announced the co-headline concert with Soil and Puddle Of Mudd at The Garage, there was huge interest and it was nearly sold out a few weeks prior to the gig.

The Garage when I arrived just after Dear Superstar & Verses had finished their set was packed.

The early door opening time of 6pm hadn’t diminished the turnout at all.

Soil took to the stage and opened with ‘Breaking Me Down’ then into Need To Feel. The bands were on great form playing a tight and powerful set. Ryan seemed subdued at the start in between song, however when he started singing he sounded as superb as ever.

After a few songs, with some of the crowd singing along. Ryan said ‘Thank you’ to the crowd then said ‘Cheers’ then preceded to say whatever he wasn’t sure what we used to say thanks!  A member of the crowd shouted out ‘Go on Yourself!’, Ryan looked very bemused on stage and asked the guy to repeat it. After still not understanding it, Ryan jumped to the barrier and spoke to the guy and even after he explained it Ryan admitted he still didn’t understand so jumped back onstage before launching into another song.

Their set started out as a slow burner one, where it gradually gathers momentum before bringing the set to a tremendous close with Ryan walking from the back of the venue, straight through the middle of the crowd right down to the barrier whilst singing ‘Halo’ where he finished off the song while he sat on the barrier much to the delight of nearby fans.

Soil’s set consisted of 9 songs from their second and most famous album ‘Scars’, that was released ten years ago, plus 2 songs from their third album ‘Redefine


Soil Set list

Breaking Me Down

Need To Feel

My Own


Cross My Heart


The One

Wide Open

Black 7




After a lengthy break Puddle of Mudd took to the stage and kicked the set off with ‘Out of My Head’ and ‘Control’. PoM, were on top notch form that evening and had the crowd responding well singing along to the songs.

During Psycho, Paul’s guitar cut out and after a few checks it still never seemed to be working, however this did not deter him at all. He just kept on playing regardless after the song finished he changed guitar for ‘Nothing To Lose.

PoM have released an album of covers called ‘Re:(disc)overed’, they did 2 of the covers in their set, ‘T.N.T.’ by AC/DC and then ‘Gimme Shelter’ by The Rolling Stones both of which were fantastic, before they played Blurry to a very appreciative audience, then the guys headed off stage.

They came back on for an encore with ‘She Hates Me’ that had the majority of the crowd singing along.


Puddle Of Mudd Set List

Out of My Head


Away From Me

Drift and Die



Nothing Left To Lose


Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones


She Hates Me


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All pictures courtesy of Fishbones


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