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On 30 November 2020
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Sodom raise the thrash metal bar to a new level.

In just under an hour Sodom vehemently prove that they are still flying the flag high for German thrash metal with the release on Steamhammer Records of their sixteenth studio album Genesis XIX. Still fronted by founder member Tom Angelripper since 1981, his dedication to the cause is utterly commendable, point proven by these twelve red hot tracks.

It kicks off with the mental instrumental ‘Blind Superstition’ as the band briefly grind through the gears for a sedate but crushing delivery. ‘Sodom And Gomorrah’, first single taken from the album is an almighty clatter of unrelenting drumming from Toni Merkel and riffs that take no prisoners as they slash over the trademark cheese grater rasped vocals from Tom.

Wrist snapping snare work throughout ‘Euthanasia’ is truly inhuman as they pave the way for warp speed twin guitar mayhem from Frank ‘Blackfire’ Gosdzik and Yorck Segatz. A bullish bass assault and fretboard overload midway adds to the mayhem. ‘Genesis XIX’ sees the title track stretch out to the seven minute mark but manages to keep the intensity intact. It starts with a deadly dirge that heads off into midpaced thrash until kick drums pick up the pace for the rest of the band to try and keep up with. An ethereal midsection is launched into space by a sedate grind as this opus ends on a headbanging outro.

‘Nicht Mehr Mein Land’ is a ferocious blast beat driven number as the guitars are almost white noise but it settles into a pummeling pound as the lyrics are spat out by Tom in German and guitar histrionics precede a foot to the floor skin flaying outro. ‘Glock N Roll’ has a gargantuan galloping intro to make it a surefire pit opener as they light the blue touch paper to head off into speed metal territory as a heavier midsection rages hard. A catchy riffed intro to ‘The Harpooneer’ is still heavy enough to keep the headbangers happy but the lightning fast riffs are never too far away. It’s another seven minute epic to mangle our brains especially from the blast beats and whammy bar overload.

‘Dehumanized’, second single release is a breathtaking four minute long rager. The intro is as melodic as they’ll get until the drums creep up into power to herald a full thrash assault of clubbing riffs, a spotlight stealing drum battery and it amazingly gets even faster to shift into blurred tempos. ‘Occult Perpetrator’ is a bass heavy chugger pinned down by Thor hammer blow snare work and seismic kick drums as Tom sings as though he’s been chewing broken glass. ‘Waldo And Pigpen’ is a gruelling grandiose grind that muscles up after a chilling minute long intro. Once again drums dominate as rib rattling snare work and inhuman kick drumming overwhelm. Guitars are like weapons of mass destruction and the vocals sound like they’ve been dragged up from the depths of hell.

Buzzsaw like riffing defies belief throughout ‘Indoctrination’ as drum tom fills rattled rattled through my headphones. A belligerent bass rumble precedes a histrionic guitar solo in this blink and you’ll miss it three minutes of lunacy. My favourite track here is album closer ‘Friendly Fire’. It’s far from friendly as it freaks out for one last assault as the band lock in tight for some fiery thrash.

Genesis XIX album track listing :-

Blind Superstition.

Sodom And Gomorrah.


Genesis XIX.

Nicht Mehr Mein Land.

Glock N Roll.

The Harpooneer.


Occult Perpetrator.

Waldo And Pigpen.


Friendly Fire.

Sodom band line up :-

Tom Angelripper – Lead vocals/Bass guitar.

Frank ‘Blackfire’ Gosdzik – Guitar.

Yorck Segatz – Guitar.

Toni Merkel – Drums.

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Sodom raise the thrash metal bar to a new level.

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