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Sly Antics

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On 24 November 2015
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Captive City is an accomplished debut from Sly Antics, full of clever lyrics and catchy riffs.

Sly Antics

Captive City is the debut EP from Manchester based alt-rock trio Sly Antics, due for release on December 22nd.  Normally I’m a pretty unbiased reviewer but they’ve offered to send us a packet of Haribo in return for a good review so I’m tempted to just give it 5/5 and say no more about it.

That said I suppose I should really do a bit of a review, just to make it look good.  Sly Antics is a very new band, only formed this year.  They are cousins Sam and Lee Hudson and Alex Thompson.  Captive City is a five track EP, recorded at Greenmount Studios in Leeds.  It’s an accomplished debut, full of clever lyrics, catchy riffs and a gruff vocal that begs your attention.  The intro works well as a standalone track but also sets you up for the rest of the EP, starting slow and somewhat ominous and building throughout before stopping just short of the expected crescendo.  There’s no way you can stop listening at that so you’re led straight into Captive City.  Full of crashing drums and impossible not to get stuck in your head, it’s the best track on the EP.  Morning Games takes the tempo down a notch, which brings the vocal to the forefront and that’s a very good thing indeed.  It’s one of those voices that sounds different to anyone else out there and so you immediately want to listen to it.  Lights go Down has a bass driven intro with funk undertones that evolves into a ridiculously catchy chorus and is probably a great track played live, guaranteed to get your feet dancing.  The EP closes with Break it Buy it, an excellent bookend to the Intro track, it finally reaches the crescendo we were expecting.  Captive City is an excellent debut and I’d be more than interested to hear a full album when the band take that step.  The trio really seem to have nailed down their style and they sound tight, which is commendable since they are so new.  I think they can sell the EP on it’s own merits and stop bribing people with Haribo.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Captive City
  3. Morning Games
  4. Lights go Down
  5. Break it Buy it.


Captive City is an accomplished debut from Sly Antics, full of clever lyrics and catchy riffs.

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