Skindred – Live At Buckley Tivoli 15/11/18


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On 18 November 2018
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A 5 star rating here will never explain how good this gig was. An absolutely stunning performance from one of the best bands Britain has produced.

When a band like Skindred come to town, and when I say ‘town’, I mean literally a five minute drive from my house, it’s an opportunity that would be criminal to miss. I had been looking forward to this one for a long time and had the pleasure of chatting to Arya for in an interview that will be published soon.

It was great to see this historic venue once again full to the rafters as I had no doubt it would be once I heard Skindred were coming. I obviously took my front row position for this one and as soon as ‘Thunderstruck’ began you knew that this was it.

Benji’s appearance holding some sparklers had the crowd hysterical as the guys began the show with the title track from their latest album ‘Big Tings’. The crowd’s roar at the end of the track deafening. There was a good mixture of old and new songs tonight, and each one was played with such ferocity, and this small venue seemed to multiply the sound into a wall of prolific noise that was literally music to my ears.

Benji for me has to be one of the greatest frontmen in rock. His attitude, hunger and desire to create a show and involve everyone in the room is testament to all the hard work these guys have put in over the years and have rightly in the past been voted best live act. It’s so easy to see why.

We had a cracking mosh-pit going on here tonight which was relentless as was the attack on the crowd from Skindred through every song they played.

Such was the velocity of this set-list, the only chance we had to catch our breathe was the amazing Big Tings version of ‘Saying It Now’, which I was also lucky enough to catch the guys sound checking on my arrival.

Benji’s costume changes were a highlight tonight as well as he donned numerous jackets and shades throughout the show. These intimate gigs to me are what seeing your favourite bands are all about. Up close and personal. Seeing the white of their eyes literally standing right in front of you.

Skindred tonight literally blew the roof off Buckley Tivoli. I don’t think we will see a performance like this here for a long, long time. An absolute stunner of a gig produced by an absolute cracking bunch of guys. This is how a band should be, but there will only ever be one Skindred. This has got to be the best gig I have ever attended.

Set List:

1 – Big Tings

2 – Selector

3 – Pressure

4 – Rat Race

5 – Ninja

6 – Machine

7 – Sound The Siren

8 – That’s My Jam

9 – Saying It Now (Acoustic)

10 – Kill The Power

11 – Nobody

12 – Warning


Benji Webbe – Vocals

Mikey Demus – Guitars / Backing Vocals

Daniel Pugsley – Bass / Backing Vocals

Arya Goggin – Drums


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A 5 star rating here will never explain how good this gig was. An absolutely stunning performance from one of the best bands Britain has produced.

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