Simple Minds – Classic Album selection

This is a box set of five classic Simple Minds albums, one of the best live bands in the world and with over a thirty year career in the music industry. They now offer this compilation starting in 1984 through to 1995. A real must for SM fans who want to complete or even start their collection!!

Simple_minds-sparkle (Small)Sparkle In The Rain

A studio album released on 6th of February 1984. This was a break through for the band as the album peaked at number one in the UK albums chart by the 18th of February 1984, and managed to reach the top 20 in various countries across the world. They received fairly positive reviews in the U.K. and U.S. ‘Sparkle in the Rain’ was awarded a double platinum disc in the UK by the British Phonographic Industry. A real boost to the bands popularity enabling a brighter future and more success to follow.


Simle Minds Once Upon A Time (Small)Once Upon A Time

Four singles were taken from the album, “Alive and Kicking”    ( a personal favorite of mine), “All the Things She Said”, “Sanctify Yourself” and “Ghost Dancing”. The album did well in the U.K. by making it to No.1, and also piped the US charts at No.1 as well. It was also made available with two LP covers, just by using the back image for the front and the other way around, also putting the Simple Minds logo to the right hand side of the cover. A limited edition picture disc version of the album was also released, and Virgin Records then re-released the album again as a remastered version in 2002 and early 2003 and again in 2005.




Simpleminds_street (Small)Street Fighting Years

Released in 1989, this was the eighth studio album, it was a big direction change from previous albums for the band. While they still kept that big gig rock style of scale and drama for which the band were now known for, ‘Street Fighting Years’ had now moved away from the Americanized soul or gospel prominence’s of its earlier albums to go in favor of a more Celtic folk music related style with the use of instruments like the accordion. The album went again to No.1 in the UK , also spawning the groups first UK number one single “Belfast Child”.  Lou Reed and Stewart Copeland contributed to the album as well.


Simple_Minds  Real Life (Small)

Real Life

This album was the ninth studio produced album the Scottish band released in April of 1991. It reached No.2 in the UK album charts. Again four singles lifted from the album were hits in the top 40 singles charts in the UK, including a top 10 hit with “Let There Be Love”. While in the United States “See The Lights” managed to reach the Top 40 and as a bonus it also got to No.1 in the US Modern Rock Tracks chart. This particular album was recorded without the original keyboardist Mick MacNeil who left the band after the 1989 tour. The band members who recorded it comprised of Charlie Burchill, Jim Kerrand Mel Gaynor, the rest of the musicians were made up mostly of session musicians.




Simple Minds Good News (Small)

Good News From The Next World

The last of the five CD’s in this set, the album was first released on the 7th of February 1995 and was of a moderate success, but mostly in the US. In the U.K. it was pretty much slated by some critics for being too techno and flancy! Even so this particular album produced two hit singles, “She’s a River” making it to No.9 in the charts and “Hypnotised” which climbed to the heady heights of No.18.


The box set is out now and for a price of around £15, that’s a pretty good bargain for five albums at £3 an album. Nice value if your looking to expand your Simple Minds collection!

Box Set Album list contains…
2. ONCE UPON A TIME (1985)
4. REAL LIFE (1991)


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