My Silent Wake – Invitation To Imperfection

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My Silent Wake

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On 12 April 2017
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An amazing thought provoking and ambient album






My Silent Wake return with ‘Invitation To Imperfection’, and what a return it is, following on as it does from 2016’s excellent ‘An Unbroken Threnody’



One word that can never be used to describe My Silent Wake is ‘lazy’, as they always seem to strive to offer something new and inventive. This latest album certainly pushes the boundaries, coming in at some 75 or so minutes as it does, it’s packed solid with meaningful content. Opening track ‘Vorspiel’ sets the mood perfectly, instantly conjuring up visions of far away landscapes, viewed from the eyes of a soaring Eagle. There is however a definite backdrop of forces unknown and a touch of malevolence, and that’s what lifts things to a different level in my view, keeping me engaged throughout, unaware of what is to come next. ’Bleak Spring’ is another great example of where this album can take you, with its rhythmic and hypnotic drumming and shrill strings, depending on your mood it is positively uplifting and inspiring. Followed by ‘Tempest’, the same feeling continues, bordering on joyous, a somewhat strange emotion for a Doom Metal band you might think but this record is way too strong to be confined to a single genre, although having said that, the mood does darken somewhat for ‘Lament Of The Defeatist’ which actually features some vocals



To be honest, vocals don’t appear much at all but when they do, as on ‘You Drift Away’ for instance, it’s all about enhancing the track rather than leading it, delicate and ethereal, again, making you think and visualise your own backdrop to the music. Album closer ‘Melodien der Waldgeister’ is nothing short of mesmeric, over twenty minutes of ambient and reflective music and tones, principally led by a single flute which drifts in and out of earshot against a background of woodland noises and birdsong, simply moving



My Silent Wake have in ‘Invitation To Imperfection’, produced an album of the highest order, and nothing similar to what I was expecting from previous albums I have listened to. They have proven how willing and open they are to experimentation and diversification from the norm, and the result is quite breathtaking. A wander through an almost Medieval landscape, accompanied by a truly thought provoking and addictive musical companion, my soul is cleansed



Recommended track – Bleak Spring




Track Listing ;

  1. Vorspiel
  2. Helgar Kindir
  3. Volta
  4. Bleak Spring
  5. Tempest
  6. The Fear
  7. Lament Of The Defeatist
  8. Aventurine
  9. Song Of Acceptance
  10. Nebular
  11. You Drift Away
  12. Cwiclác
  13. Return Of The Lost At Sea
  14. Melodien der Waldgeister


‘Invitation To Imperfection’ is out now via Opa Loka Records



An amazing thought provoking and ambient album

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