Serenity & Pythia – Underworld, London – 25/03/2012

First up were the oddly named pet slimmers of the year. Dear lord what idiot thought they were a good choice for tonight’s bill. They were a totally unsuitable choice musically and the lack of interest from the crowd during their frankly dull and tedious set was clear with them only receiving polite applause from most people.  They may be good at what they do but this was the wrong gig for them  A bad start to the night unfortunately.

Thankfully next up were Pythia.  They woke the crowd up very quickly with their powerful guitars and Emily’s incredible vocals.  This London based band include a mix of songs from their debut album – Beneath the veiled embrace, and from their recently released second album – The serpents curse.  The new songs are noticeably heavier than the earlier songs but both old and new material goes down very well tonight. As with most support slots time constraints lead to the omission of some of the fan favourites such as No Compromise.  Despite Pythia being heavier than Serenity they seem to go down really well with the Serenity fans as well as their own fans.

Finally came the headliners, Serenity, playing London for the fourth time.  Over their various visits they’ve managed to build up a good fan base here do there’s a good sized crowd here tonight.
Tonight’s show includes a mix of songs including five from the current album and the rest of the set split between the bands earlier albums.
The band are on great form tonight and sound fantastic. Singer Georg is particularly impressive.
For the song Fairytales the band were joined by a guest vocalist, the former singer of Whyzdom – Clementine Delauney to duet with Georg.  For me, Clementines vocals plus Georg’s vocals  combined with a beautiful song to make this a particular highlight of the set.

Again for the song “journeys end” Clementine joined them on stage  Most of the vocals were his with her adding more backing vocals.
During the encore clementine joined them for a heavier track.
Throughout the set there was plenty of cheering and applause – the crowd were thoroughly enjoying the set.

Tonight was a great night – Pythia and Serenity both put in excellent performances and went down really well with the crowd.

Pythia setlist:

Betray my heart
Kissing the knife
Just a lie
Army of the damned
Cry of our nation

Serenity setlist:

Rust Of Coming Ages
Reduced To Nothingness
New Horizons
Coldness Kills
Circle Of My Second Life
Far From Home
When Canvas….
Journey’s End
Canopus 3
Heavenly Mission
Serenade Of Flames

Engraved Within

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