Gory Blister – ‘Earth-Sick’

If ever an album did exactly what it said in its title, it is this one. For this, the fourth album from this Italian outfit, is one sick mutha of an album.

After the brooding intro of ‘The Breeding’, the title track well and truly sets the scene, and the standard, for what is to come – a punishing piece of pure, unadulterated death metal, characterised by brutal blastbeats and beatdowns, equally brutal riffs, all coupled with a gruesome, thoroughly evil vocal.

‘Plague And Pray’, thunderous and thundering, follows more or less the same path, as do ‘Decanted Embryos’ (with its almost progressive feel), ‘Dominant Genethics’, ‘H.I.V.’ – even the song titles ooze sickness – and the remainder of the other four tracks.

The standout moments are undoubtedly ‘Soul-Borne Maladies’ and ‘Serpent Verse’, which feature guest appearances from Nile frontman Karl Sanders, and his presence alone seems to be enough to help Gory Blister raise their game to the next level.

Relatively unknown outside Italy, ‘Earth-Sick’ should most certainly help this mob rectify that situation.

An abhorrent 8/10.

‘Earth-Sick’ is released on April 16 on Bakerteam Records.


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