Sci Fi Mafia @ Hardrockhell Roadtrip, Ibiza, june, 2011.

Bedlam meets SCI FI MAFIA
Sci Fi Mafia are:
Jase Viney: Vocals.
Mark Cheza Roseby, Guitar.
John Bambury, Synth and backing vocals.
Jamie Oliver, Drums.
After a night of Heavy Metal, very heavy drinking, karaoke, vomiting and nudity in Ibiza as part of the Hard Rock Hell Road trip II I sat down to talk to industrial metal band SCI FI MAFIA and had quick chat about the band in general and also quite a lot of pooing.
First of all I asked the guys what they were expecting from the crowd:
John. Its more like what are the crowd expecting from us, I think they are expecting us to be mad,and we are.
Me. I’ve heard rumours of a burning dog?
John. True, we just need to find a dog!

Me. So apart from the burning dog what other surprises should I look out for?
Jase. Well, we have some guys who do angle grinding and some half naked dancing girls too.
John. Yeah they are specially for Jamie, we are hoping Jamie gonna be naked again. lol
Jamie. Yeah I used to play naked.
John. Just so he had three drumsticks.
Jamie. Well its come to an end now lol.
Me. Why did you stop playing naked then?
Jamie- We did this gig in Birmingham and a girl walked in to the dressing room with a video camera and started wanking me off.
Jase. Yeah you were 30 seconds late for the start of the first song
Mark. She was trying to get me to play with it too *laughs*
John. He was like finish me off Chez, *everyone laughs*.
Jamie. So yeah that was the last time I drummed naked.

Me. So who are bands major influences?
John. Well we are all from different back grounds, for me its Depeche mode.
Jamie. Just punk pretty much as I am also in the UK subs.
John. * jokes* he also likes a bit Robbie Williams sometimes.
Me. Speaking of Robbie did you see in the paper that he says he injects sex drugs?
John, No but where does he get them from as I could do with some of that *everyone laughs*.
Mark. For me its anything heavy like Carcass and Machine head.
Jase. Janes addiction as well

Me. So after tonights set who are you looking forward to seeing?
Jase. Breed 77 and Panic cell
Jamie. Yeah Panic cell sounded great in sound check but Ill miss um as I have got to fly back out tonight.
Me. So what sort of things are you expecting to get out of this HRH Roadtrip ?.
Mark. It would be nice to get a few more gigs and some more followers, and everyone weâve spoken to since we have been here has been really cool just partying all the time.
Me. Yeah I think this is the only festival where all the bands drink with the punters.
John. Yeah everyones really cool its great.

Me.What do you think of Jonnis wall of sound?
Jamie. Yeah man its loud!! *laughs*

Me. Where you guys all from ?.
Jase. I am from Nuneaton.
Mark. Hinckley me.
Jamie. I am from Nuneaton too but I live in London now.

Me. if you guys had to put yourself in a pigeon hole to what would you describe your sound as?
Mark. Industrial.
Jamie. Prodigy and Machine head shagging the Satanic Sluts, *everyone laughs*
Me. that should be the name of your album.
Jamie. I wouldnt mind having a go!
John. Id just be wanking over the cover *everyone laughs again*
Jase. I am getting pictures in my head already.
Jamie. Yeah so industrial heavy metal basically.
John. a Bit like a cyber Janes addiction.
Mark. to me: Have you heard any yet?
Me: Only a little on your site.
Mark. I think it comes over heavier live than it does on the website.

Me. Ok, so one last question before we wrap up and head off to the gig, can you tell me on embarrassing story about yourselfs.
Mark – Jamie shat himself by the pool the other day.
Me. But we know about that one.
Jamie. I accidently shat on a girls leg whilst we were having sex.
Me. What???????.
Jamie. Yeah I was trying to let out a fart out without her noticing and it all just went wrong, she was screaming get it off me, get it off me,*everyone laughs*
Jamie. I was like I am really sorry its never happened to me before! Then I saw her I the pub with her mates and all their heads went down in conversation and she told them all what
I had done and they were all looking over and laughing.

Mark talking to Jase – What about the time you went to Church with your mum after a three day bender ?.
Jase – Ha yeah they came round with communion stuff and I skulled the blood of Christ, it was only Ribena but I was thirsty and it hit the spot, my throat was dry as big dogs cock.
*everyone laughs again*

Mark. I just dont do anything embarrassing.
Me – Nothing?
Mark. Well nothing that I can remember anyway.*everyone laughs again*.
John. I was in Rock City and was having a twoer (a poo) in the ladies toilet with door open talking to all girls as you do! Well the bouncer didnt like it much and dragged me out by heels with my trousers still round my ankles so anyway I get thrown out but I have forgotten to wipe my arse but I still managed to pull and I have gone back to her place with her etc. well I got up to go to the loo and Id left a massive skidder on the sheets,*everyone laughs again*.

On that note guys thanks you very much for sparing some time for Planetmosh!
Guys: Thank you Dave. Its been a pleasure.

Later that evening at the gig the boys did well and truly stir things up! The opening sequence of two television headed people returning views of the crowd was just one of the visual extravagances we were treated too as all of the surprises we spoke about appeared (except the burning dog I may add), Entranced and amazed the eager audience lapped up the distinctive individual sound. Everyone I have spoken to since have said the Sci Fi Mafia were one of the highlights of the week with many people asking for CDs etc from the guys, my personal favourite track so far is Driller with its fight club commentary intro!

Sci Fi Mafia are currently putting the finishing touches to their album which will be out in the late summer, keep an eye on their website for details.




Genre: Industrial Metal
Label: Unsigned
Rating: 9/10

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