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On 14 June 2014
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If you have never heard of Arthemis then this live cd would be a good place to start.

Arthemis-Live-From-Hell-350x315I first heard Arthemis when they played the 2nd Hammerfest festival in deepest darkest wales back in March of 2010, and for me they were one of the bands of the weekend, they then played Hammerfest number 4 and 5 before finally playing Hammerfest’s sister festival, HardRockHell at the back end of 2013, this is the live show from that event.
The cd opens with ‘Scars On Scars’, no intro tracks or talking to the crowd here, though what you do get is full on melodic thrash played by a band with a lot of talent and attitude with great songs.
The band was built around the talent of guitar player Andy Martongelli, however the rest of the band are certainly a match for him, front man Fabio Dessi has an enthusiastic stage presence and engages the crowd from early on.
‘Still Awake’ is up next with some furious drumming from Kekko and a great chorus hook.
There are way too many thrash bands around today who think it is all about power, none stop power.
Fortunately Arthemis are not one of them, while they can play hard n heavy with a lot of power, they have an uncanny knack of throwing a curve ball in the form of a monster chorus full of melody at you, which you just can’t help, but join in with.
The best track for me on this release is the title track taken from the band’s last studio album, ‘Empire’ Arthemis put on a blistering performance and continue the momentum with ‘Seven Days’ and ‘Vortex’ which closes the set, and the album, with some rapturous applause from the crowd.
If you have never heard of Arthemis then this live cd would be a good place to start.
The quality of the recording is very good, the mix is well done, and overall it is a very pleasing package, except for one thing, it is too short.
With only eight tracks on here is it criminally short, however that was the full set, so the only thing we can do is play it again.

Track List
1. Scars On Scars
2. Still Awake
3. We Fight
4. Home
5. Electri-Fire
6. Empire
7. 7 Days
8. Vortex

Line Up:
Fabio Dessi – Vocals
Andy Martongelli – Guitars
Jt (Giorgi Terenziani) – Bass &
Francesco Tresca – Drums


ARTHEMIS “LIVE FROM HELL” is available on iTunes, Amazon, Off Yer Rocka Recordings.

Please click HERE for images of Arthemis live on stage at the HardRockHell festival.

If you have never heard of Arthemis then this live cd would be a good place to start.

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