Planetmosh grabbed a chat with the Liberty Lies boys after their excellent set at Hard Rock Hell which capped off what’s been an eventful year for the Birmingham lads.

You played on the Young Blood stage a little earlier today, how did it go?

Awesome, we had a great time we were on at 12 o’clock but got a really good reaction.

That’s the thing with an early slot though it can be just you and the cleaner there.

Last night was when everyone got trollied and so nursing hangovers this morning but we’re quite lucky in that quite a few people know us now, so they came to check us out.

So at what stage are the band as regards new material?

Well we’ve been writing our new album which is around 80% done, we want to write around another 5 tracks and then pick what we can put on the album and then hopefully do the recording in the new year. We did a bit of a taster for the album earlier in the year which was 2 songs from the album and is available on I Tunes, Spotify etc.

And is all this self financed?

Unfortunately yes which is why we’ve been told we’re the poorest Rock band in the country but we work hard so it’s worth it.

How difficult is it to get your own material out there in today’s market?

If you do the research it can be done, a lot of people want to make money off you they won’t let you do anything for free .It’s not so much getting it out there but getting people to listen to it so we just try to do as many gigs as we can to get new fans.

So it’s still important to you to do the live side of things as well?

Definitely, we’re really hard working and just glad to get out of the practise room and play to anyone who will watch us. Since we had two new lads join in March it’s been pretty much non stop since then.

So what does the horizon hold touring wise?

We’ve not got too much planned for the new year but we’re in talks with various people trying to get something sorted, there are a couple of tours that we’re really excited about but we can’t say too much right now but when there sorted you’ll be the first to know.

How about promo videos, anything in the pipeline?

We’re not really overly bothered about videos at the moment, we’re just trying to get the album done, of course if we had the money it would be nice to do one but if and when we do one we want it to be perfect, so at the minute with choosing a record label for our album we’re just trying to get everything in place and then probably do a video when that’s out.

As regards song writing how would you describe your music, does it fit into any particular genre?

It’s really hard to define but people like to put it into a box so we’d generally use the term Hard Rock, we’ve got a lot of heavy influences like Alterbridge, Black Stone Cherry but also lesser known more obscure bands as well, so you could say we’re on the fringes of Metal but with a melodic vocal.

This is the second time you’ve played here, do you see yourselves as more of a Hard Rock Hell band than say a Hammerfest band?

Probably more Hard Rock Hell but we could do both, Heavens Basement who we’ve done shows with before are there so we could do well at either.

So you say you’ve had a couple of line up changes this year but has it been pretty smooth on the whole?

Since the new guys have come in we’ve realised what a fantastic addition they’ve been to the band and we’re all really happy with where we are as a band right now. The average age of the members is 20 so we’ve still got a couple of years to define our sound properly and we all have similar ambitions in music but we’re not aiming too high yet although seeing bands here this weekend like Voodoo Johnson who also come from the Midlands playing up there on second stage gives us the confidence and belief that we can do it as well.

Liberty Lies are,

Shaun Richards Vocals.

Josh Pritchett Lead Guitar.

Adam Stevens Drums.

Matt Nickless Guitar.

Adam Howell Bass Guitar.

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