SCANDAL: “Longest Running Rock Band with the Same Musicians (Female)”!

SCANDAL were formed on 21 August 2006 by HARUNAMAMITOMOMI and RINA. The four met at a dance and vocal school in Kyobashi, Osaka, and made their first live appearance at an event held at Namba Hatch on 28 August 2006. In 2008 the band made their major label debut with the single DOLL. Follow up single Shoujo Swas released in 2009, which lead to SCANDAL winning the Record Award for Best New Artist. In recently years SCANDAL have expanded their activities beyond music by producing their own apparel brand “FEEDBACK” and establishing their own private label “her”. 

SCANDAL’s intimate 17th anniversary show at Namba Hatch sold out immediately. The venue was packed with 1,900 fans from home and abroad to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event, which was streamed in real time on SCANDAL’s YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok accounts. Upon receiving the Guinness World Records™ certificate, HARUNA expressed her gratitude to the band’s fans, and her determination for the future; “Once again, I am so happy to be a member of SCANDAL. Thank you very much! We were all in a dance school, but 17 years ago we performed on stage at Namba Hatch for the first time with instruments. That was the start of SCANDAL. I always liked expressing myself, but I fell in love with music when I discovered the joy of expressing myself with a musical instrument. Since becoming a band member, I think I’ve been able to experience a whole spectrum of feelings. We have the world’s best members, the world’s best staff, and the world’s nest fans who create the best space with the best smiles. Let’s see more and more better sceneries together.”

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