Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moons?

David Gilmour and Roger Waters go crater to crater with Moon releases!

Having gouged the pockets of their fans earlier in the year with the lavish Dark Side of the Moon 50th Anniversary boxset, Pink Floyd have announced they are now releasing the included (remixed/remastered) album from the boxset as a stand-alone CD, Blu-Ray and Vinyl on 13th October 2023.  The vinyl comes with the original posters and stickers, and the Blu-Ray also comes with extras and includes the Dolby Atmo 5.1 mix (24/96) as well as the hi-res stereo mix (24/192) for all you audiophile geeks.

Whilst it would be interesting to think they have made this move to compete and battle with Roger Waters (see below) in reality these sorts of releases take months of preparation so it is more likely coincidence, especially as Waters’s album was originally rumoured to have been a late spring release.

You can buy them here:
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Or from the Pink Floyd store (which is more expensive):

On the other side of the moon (“There is no dark side in the moon, really. Matter of fact, it’s all dark.“) we have Roger Waters who is releasing his own reimagined reinterpreted version with Dark Side of the Moon – Redux on 6th October 2023.  Whilst it was recorded without any of the other members of his previous band, drummer Nick Mason has already listened to it saying “Annoyingly, it is absolutely brilliant”.

Water’s reasoning for re-recording the album, other than to get up David Gilmour’s nose, is he declares that it was his project and whilst it was the band that recorded it, he was the one who wrote it.

With hushed, deep vocals, sometimes reminiscent of Tom Waits, Waters strips away the embellishments of the original with his voice higher in the mix, it is certainly a more intriguing proposition.

Time, the second pre-release from the album is likely to appeal to more people, especially as the
previous pre-release track, Money, proved quite divisive with Water’s rambling monologue in the middle replacing the iconic solos.



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