Sabaton: World War Live – Battle Of The Baltic Sea

Sabaton: World War Live – Battle Of The Baltic Sea


This is Sabaton’s first live album, they decided to record it due years of fan demands for one. They enjoyed the World War Tour so much they wanted to record it to keep the shows alive. They recorded the whole Sabaton Cruise 2010 gig which they are now releasing as the album. They also recorded a lot of the European shows which have been mixed for the bonus disc. Also the limited edition pack comes with a live DVD recorded at Rockstad: Falun festival 2008.


Unless you understand Swedish, you will not understand 95% of what is said between the songs on this album. That said, it doesn’t matter, this album still captures the great show that Sabaton put on. The sound, which can be a bit of a let down on live albums, is well mixed with a clean sound but still plenty of low end power. Unfortunately I didn’t have the bonus disc or the DVD but if the main disc is anything to go by, they will be well worth getting.




Track Listing:

01. The March To War (intro)

02. Ghost Division

03. Uprising

04. Aces In Exile

05. Cliffs Of Gallipoli

06. White Death

07. Swedish Pagans

08. Wolfpack

09. 401

10. The Art Of War

11. Attero Dominatus

12. The Price Of A Mile

13. Primo Victoria

14. Metal Medley

15. Dead Soldiers Waltz (outro)

Release date: 5/8/11 on Nuclear Blast Records

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