Nightvision/Consequence Of Sin cd

Nightvision are carving out a nice little niche for themselves, neither too heavy, nor to light, indeed it is this very “sound” that they have created that makes them stand out, some may say they are to heavy to be a mainstream rock band, other say they are to light to be a full on metal band, but isn’t that the point, to be different ?, to be “Nightvision”.
Nightvision have jumped up a few notches with there 2nd release, and this is more assured than their debut, “As The Lights Go Down”, itself not a bad record.
There’s not a bad song on this, ok, maybe one, in fact with each listen, it just gets better and better.
The opening song, “So Many Lies”, this sets the scene, the tone and the attitude of this release.
I like this, I like this a lot, I like the way heavy rhythm guitars driving each song along, I like the machine gun attack of the drums, and the funky bass on songs like “Words like bullets”.
I also like the fact that they don’t follow any “laid down metal rules” of how a song should be, it is a very well blended record of metal and rock, the record however does get progressively heavier though until the track “Nowhere to Hide”, a sort of metal love song, driven by power and anger, rather than regret and sadness.
The song “Find Me” follows and this kicks back straight into full on metal/rock mode for the rest of the cd, however there is one fly in the ointment, and it’s a song called “Petrol and Practice”, while its not a bad song on its own, it really doesn’t sit well on this release, this is trying to be more of a rock song than a metal song, and doesn’t quite hit the spot when compared to the rest of the songs on this record. Don’t get me wrong, the song is still good, it’s just that it doesn’t have the same “feel” as the rest of the songs.
The penultimate track “Mirrors And Smoke” is another crunching rhythm infused track, and the final track “Post tour blues” features some superb lead guitar work from Bolda, played in a bluesy tone with a teasing southern rock influence, this one does hit the spot, and then its all over, time to play it again.
So all in all, stunning guitar work from Bolda. A powerful, rich, soulful vocal performance from Dave, coupled with a pounding rhythm section from Dean Hocking, Bass and Daryl Hocking on Drums make this one hell of a record.
I caught these guys at the S.O.S festival recently and they put on one hell of a show, pictures Here and I cant wait to see them again. A well deserved 9/10.

Band Members:

Dave McKee – Vocals
Bolda – Guitar
Dean Hocking – Bass
Daryl Hocking – Drums

Track Listing:

1. So Many Lies
2. Sob Story
3. Words Like Bullets
4. Long Way From Home
5. Nowhere To Hide
6. Find Me
7. What Makes You Bad
8. Enter Escapism
9. Nothing To Lose
10. Petrol And Practise
11. Mirrors And Smoke
12. Post Tour Blues

Head over to there website, Here
You can listen to “Sob Story” from this album Here
Facebook page is Here
Consequence of sin is out on Rocksectorrecords on the 19th September.

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