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On 9 April 2018
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Heavy metal how it should be played!

Due for release via AFM Records on April 20th 2018, once again Ross The Boss takes no prisoners with the no punches pulled album By Blood Sworn.

Best known for being one of the founder members of Manowar, a comparison I was trying not to use on this album but opening track ‘By Blood Sworn’ clenches its fist from the off with a chugging groove similar to ‘Blood Of My Enemies’. Lead vocalist Marc Lopes delivers some inhuman howls and Ross peels off some intense guitar solos. Other highlights include ‘Among The Bones’ featuring some heavy pounding from drummer Lance Barnewold and bass guitarist Mike Le Pond laying down some heavy lines leaving Ross to add Earth moving riffs to blow your speakers. A moody midsection of keyboards and emotional vocals precede a flurry of fretboard soloing.

‘This Is Vengeance’ has a ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ like main riff that keeps the song raging. Vocal levels are pushed into the red as Godzilla stomp rhythms back up Ross’ blazing solo. ‘Faith Of The Fallen’ is a gripping power ballad, a dramatic slow burner with Ross holding back for some bluesy soloing. ‘Devil’s Day’ is a no frills headbanger. Punishing riffing and banshee screams make it one of the heavier tracks on offer.

‘Play Among The Godz’ is a short, sharp foot to the floor supercharger and the album closes strongly with the aptly titled ‘Fistful Of Hate’, a high octane number totally owned by some over the top drumming from Lance.

A limited edition Digipack format is available with two extra tracks of Manowar covers ‘The Oath’ and ‘Each Dawn I Die’.

By Blood Sworn album track listing :-

By Blood Sworn.

Among The Bones.

This Is Vengeance.

We Are The Night.

Faith Of The Fallen.

Devil’s Day.


Play Among The Godz.

Mother Of Horrors.

Fistful Of Hate.

Ross The Boss band line up :-

Ross The Boss – Guitars.

Mike Le Pond – Bass guitar.

Lance Barnewold – Drums.

Marc Lopes – Lead vocals/keyboards.


Heavy metal how it should be played!

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