Kid Klumsy – Spit ya dummy out!

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Kid Klumsy

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On 7 April 2018
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A high burst of anthemic punk rock energy that will wet most people’s pickle!

Crash! Bang! Wallop! What was that sound?  Have Kid Klumsy dropped their balls and become conscientious men of punk rock?  No, is the simple answer, because these jelly babies with their vivacious love of in ya face punk rock noise will, never, ever, really grow up!   The infectious and soon to be released ‘Spit ya dummy out’!  has no cry babies in this litter, unless you count singer Weab’s expressions on the intro track Grow Up, which reminds me heavily of Blink 182 meets Fentix TX, with its seriously poppy, rocky and energetic vibe; the deep bass and edgy guitar riffage pulls you into this lively number and will have you singing along to the chorus of ”I don’t want to grow up’’!  – If those bands have a love child, Kid Klumsy could be called Blinx 187!  24hrs the next track up is a high burst of anthemic punk rock energy that will wet most people’s pickle, honing in on people’s everyday desire of counting down to weekend, this straightforward bop along number will have you chanting  in unison with Kid Klumsy ”24hrs to the weekend, thank fuck for that” as the weekend arrives!!  Going old skool on Bully bullied the bully  we are given more smashing punk rock to keep us po-going until Sugar Junkies kicks in and if this sounds familiar that’s  because this version has been re-mixed, the  original with a more ska punk  vibe  was released back in 2004 on their Dirty Grundle  Bundle EP.  Not to be caught in a mosh Pigs Ass, with its rapping style reminds me of Anthrax back in the days of old, but there’s no men in blue, only Mr Bluey man singing us out on their final track. But don’t take your money to the grave go and pre-order their debut release which is available via STP Records click the link  Spit ya dummy out will keep you pacified especially if you love sassy punk rock like Spunk Volcano and Dirt Box Disco.

Spit ya dummy out will be officially released on May 27th and you can catch Kid Klumsy at their album launch on the same date at Nice n Sleazy Festival.

Album tracks:

  1. Grow up
  2. 24 hours
  3. Bully Bullied The Bully
  4. Sugar Junkies
  5. Pigs Ass
  6. Mr Bluey Man

Tour dates :

MAY 5 Kid Klumsy at The Woolpack, Doncaster.
MAY 20 Kid Klumsy at The Star and Garter.
MAY 26 Bash the bishop festival
MAY 27 Nice n sleazy festival 2018
JUN 9 Kid Klumsy @the horse shoe
JUN 16 Kid klumsy @mama lizzy’s
JUL6 Kid klumsy @blackpool waterloo
JUL 7 Kid klumsy @bannermans
JUL 14 Kid klumsy @nags head
AUG 2 Kid klumsy @rebellion festival
NOV 25 Kid klumsy supporting the members@ the star and garter

Vocals – Weab
Bass Guitar/Lead Backing Vocals – Ali
Guitar/Backing Vocals – Carl
Guitar/Backing Vocals – Greg
Drums – Xander

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A high burst of anthemic punk rock energy that will wet most people’s pickle!

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