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Kid Klumsy

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On 10 September 2020
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Headbanging punk with sleazy rocking riffs, with a splash of hardcore punk, ska and angst

Kid Klumsy have released their lastest epic EP ‘The Faces Don’t Fit‘ which boasts seven kick-ass tracks including a cover or two.


2020 sees the third CdEp release from Kid Klumsy on STP Records, following on from 2018’s Spit Your Dummy Out and 2019’s Singing Our Souls, the bands fun take on life, music and everything in between continues to progress alongside their ever-growing confidence on recordings and on stages (naturally currently on hold due to the worldwide pandemic). We hope everybody enjoys this as much as we do – Kid Klumsy.


If you’re not familiar with Kid Klumsy, then The Faces Don’t Fit EP is a good place to start. The mini-album is packed with seven great punk rock tracks, tinged with cheeky but uplifting wordplay. Kid Klumsy make being a Punk band seem effortless and so much fun. With their witty outlook at life or how it used to be. Not giving in to the chains of the lockdown the Coalville five-piece, have doled up some devilish tracks. Chuck the book of correctness out of the window, as innuendos are very much alive on this album.

More like an eye-opener for these testosterone-filled cheeky monkeys. Opening track Boobs is a banger as the intro ignites on this punk rock smasher, sing-a-long ditty. It’s certainly not a mishap as the chorus is sung with such bravado, and the anthemic verses match a chant worthy of a U.K Subs style song but obviously the sub-text is very different.

Giving a good mash-up of styles, Don’t Count On Us flows you in a Ska punk-pop direction. Vocalist Weab has great versatility and the use of saxophone works brilliantly with its Chopsticks style percussion.

Headbanging punk with sleazy rocking riffs, is that a thing? Little Boy Thursday will have you moshing in your loved up boots on this boisterous ode to love. The sassy deep bass lines are enough alone to have you paving your way to becoming a sleazy punk romantic.

Let’s not lose ourselves too much  The Lost Art (of being a twat) brings us crashing back to reality. As the drum snares its attack, the rebellious side of Kid Klumsy reappears. It’s fast, feisty and no words are minced. Watch out for the blistering guitar solo toward the end of their anthemic gang chant which comes from nowhere to wham you in the twitting face! Whoa.

Like a bull in a china shop Soup is an assault of post-punk hard-core metal, which fires faster than a Tommy gun, watch that china! The clattering of saucepans and distorted vocals brings this belligerent song to its fore.

Is it happy hour again? No, it’s The Caravan Of Love.  The brothers Klumsy have paid homage to The Housemartin’s 1986 classic. Their version is sped up with a makeover of punk and it works. I can understand why they covered this song of unity, which they have cleverly made their own.

As a bonus track, Yesterdays Not Here features Rachel Reeves on vocals. This track was written by the late great Pete Shelly of TheBuzzcocks. And is a great addition to have on The Faces Don’t Fit.

Track Listing 
  • 1 Boobs
  • 2 Don’t Count On Me
  • 3 Little Boy Thursday
  • 4 The Lost Art
  • 5 Soup
  • 6 Caravan Of Love
  • 7 Yesterdays Not Here – featuring Rachel Reeves (This is an extra track on this release, unlisted on artwork and is for a proposed album of Pete Shelley covers to be issued on Secret Public records initially as a digital download and at a nominal price, proceeds will benefit the Pete Shelley memorial campaign. )
Kid Klumsy – Boobs, taken from the EP The Faces Don’t Fit out on STP Records. https:// – Don’t Count On Me
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STP060 – KID KLUMSY – THE FACES DON’T FIT Release date August 1st 2020

Headbanging punk with sleazy rocking riffs, with a splash of hardcore punk, ska and angst

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