Rock For Funds – Ivory Blacks Glasgow – 01/05/2011 (Gig)

Rock For Funds was set up to raise much needed funds for Glasgow’s Yorkhill Children’s Foundation. There were 2 different venues being used Pivo Pivo and Ivory Blacks. The main event featuring 12 bands was at Ivory Blacks hosted by Rock Radio’s Father Ted. For further information regarding the event

This review is of the bands Full Metal Racket, Maiden Scotland and Attica Rage.

Full Metal Racket are a fantastic classic rock and metal cover band. Tonight’s set was a great mixture of UFO, AC/DC, Saxon etc that had the crowd singing and playing along on their air guitars straight from the opening songs “Lights Out” , “Suicide” and the crowd favourites “Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be”, “Diamond In The Rough”, “Neon Knights” went down a treat.
The band was on great form and they definitely helped create a party atmosphere within Ivory’s by getting a lot of the crowd dancing, singing along during the set and the band looked to be having a ball on-stage as well.

Full Metal Racket Set listFull Metal Racket live @ Rock For Funds
Lights Out
Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be
Diamond In The Rough
Kill the King
Rock Bottom
Neon Knights
Bad Boys Rag Dolls
Highway Star

Next up was Backwater a Status Quo tribute band I only heard a few song by them all early Quo ones as I was outside. Ivory’s was boiling so went out for some air and to catch up with people.

I was back inside for the majestic Maiden Scotland taking the stage. They started off with “The Ides of March” then “The Final Frontier” before heading into classic selection of Maiden tracks. Ivory’s was packed and the crowd at the front were having a great time singing, headbanging along to some of their favourite songs including the terrific “Two Minutes to Midnight”, “Number of The Beast” and “The Trooper”.
After the band finished “Fear of The Dark” Martin the singer had to leave the stage as he felt unwell. The rest of the band sensing that something was wrong opt to play “Transylvania”while he got a quick rest and by the time they had finished this instrumental track, they did a superb cover of it. Martin was back on stage and was ready to finish of the set with “Hallowed Be Thy Name” and “Run to the Hills”. The guys went off to shouts ofone more song and cheers.

Maiden Scotland Set listMaiden Scotland @ Rock For Funds
The Ides of March
The Final Frontier
Two Minutes to Midnight
…Can I Play With Madness
The Number of the Beast
Wasted Years
The Trooper
Fear of the Dark
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Run To the Hills

Rock Radio Father Ted and event organizer Tam Johnston took to the stage to draw the raffle and say their thanks to the bands, venues and peoples for making the event a success.

The final band on was the awesome Attica Rage. The guys kicked off to a raging start with play a few tracks off their new album “Road Dog” “36 Insane” and “Altered Reality”. The crowd enjoyed hearing the new tracks and of course the old favourites including “Safe Inside” as well.
There was a brief stop in the set to allow Jonny and the guys to welcome birthday boy Jay Griz up on stage to present him with a card and present while we all sang “Happy Birthday” to him.
After the superb cover of “Crazy Train” the band played the final songs which included as Jonny says their hit single “Dark City” from their first album Ruin Nation, They bring the night to a close in brilliant style with the crowd favourite “Back to the Old School”. Hair and fist were flying high in the air during the bands last few songs. It was a fantastic close to a superb night.

Attica Rage Set listAttica Rage @ Rock For Funds
36 Insane
Altered Reality
Safe Inside
Hacked For Vanity
Through The Inner Eye
Change in the Iris
Crazy Train
Dark City
Back to the Old School


Photos by Neil Henderson

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