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Robert Jon And The Wreck

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On 19 September 2022
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The only wreckage here is what's left of your hearing after blasting out Wreckage Vol.2, latest studio album by Robert Jon And The Wreck!

Prepare to be blown away by the Wreckage Vol.2 , latest album from Orange County, California based band Robert Jon And The Wreck due for release on September 30th 2022 on Joe Bonnamassas’s record label KTBA (Keeping The Blues Alive). It’s a collection of exclusive in-studio and live concert performances from 2020-22, gearing themselves up for their UK headlining tour in February 2023.

It opens up with ‘She’s A Fighter’ (live from Ancienne, Belgique), second single taken from the album sees them channel their inner AC/DC with some seriously heavy riffing, punctuated by tasty guitar licks and sugar sweet choruses that also pack a punch as earworms come from piano to get this party really started with Robert Jon Burrison belting vocals.

‘Waiting For Your Man’ (live from Ancienne, Belgique), first single taken from the album sees them crank it up even heavier to get their amps souped up to eleven as they lock in tight for some over the top barroom boogie, fuzzed up riffs, fretboard fury from Henry James, backed by wrist snapping snare work.

‘Rescue Train’ (live from the Shuffle Brothers studios) is a skin shivering power ballad as Robert pours his heart out for six tearjerking minutes of the highest order as it lumbers along the track towards beautiful blues midway, closing on a whisper.

A wow, just wow moment comes from a cover of ‘The Weight’ (live from the Shuffle Brothers studios) by The Band first released in 1968. It’s not a mirror image copy as they they put a gospel like twist on it. Robert wrings every last drop of emotion out of it, especially in the soaring choruses. Reggae chops and a keyboard midsection is like a cool breeze, ending on a meandering guitar solo and acapella outro.

‘Old Hotel Room’ (live from Sweet Sound) deals with life on the road opening up with “Got me this hotel room, cocaine and a minibar, got no one to share with, just me and this old guitar”. It’s another beautiful song to add to their collection of spotlight stealing ballads.

‘Dark Roses’ (live from Sweet Sound) is a quaint number that has a vocal almost cracking with emotion that unfurls slowly but surely especially when it burst into life for crescendo fuelled choruses.

‘On The Run’ (live from Sweet Sound) has a ‘Bad Moon Rising’ bounce to it as hairy hoedown rhythms for another rock until you drop riffer that gains momentum when a molten guitar solo duels with piano and doo wop handclaps ending on a full on headbang!

‘Cannonball’ (live from the Shuffle Brothers studios) is the first of two lengthy instrumentals shoots from the barrel for a nine minute prog rock tinged monster that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Guitars and keyboards are a force of nature backed by bass guitar bludgeon and inventive drum patterns.

You won’t easily forget ‘Something To Remember Me By’ (live from DJE livestream studio) in a hurry as they dish out some fiery funk which gets heavier when Robert shouts “Hey Henry, let me hear you”, the cue for some Hendrix like histrionics from Henry James.

The album ends all too soon on ‘Witchcraft’ (live from DJE livestream studio), the second and longest instrumental that will leave you spellbound for ten mindboggling minutes as twin guitar overload sounds telepathic and keys make themselves known above the dual axe attack until it turns itself around for a jazz fusion midsection!

Pre-order link to the Wreckage Vol.2 and other band info are here :- I I I I I I I

Wreckage Vol. 2 album track listing :-

She’s A Fighter (Live from Ancienne Belgique)

Waiting For Your Man (Live from Ancienne Belgique)

Rescue Train (Live from Shuffle Brothers studio)

The Weight (Live from Shuffle Brothers studio)

Old Hotel Room (Live from Sunset Sound)

Dark Roses (Live from Sunset Sound)

On The Run (Live from Sunset Sound)

Cannonball (Live from Shuffle Brothers studio)

Something To Remember Me By (Live from DJE livestream studio)

Witchcraft (Live from DJE livestream studio)

Robert Jon And The Wreck band personnel :-

Robert Jon Burrison – Lead Vocals/Guitar.

Andrew Espantman – Drums/Backing Vocals.

Steve Maggiora – Keyboards/Backing Vocals.

Henry James – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals.

Warren Murrel – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals.

The only wreckage here is what's left of your hearing after blasting out Wreckage Vol.2, latest studio album by Robert Jon And The Wreck!

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