Psychotic Gardening Pledge Allegiance To Chuck Schuldiner With Cover of DEATH Classic “Open Casket”

Psychotic Gardening
Psychotic Gardening

Winnipeg’s death metal troopers Psychotic Gardening have teamed up with for the exclusive premiere of their tribute to Death with their cover of ‘Open Casket‘ featuring guest appearances from Tim Roth (Into Eternity) and Chuck Wepfer (Broken Hope). Stream –


Both Andrew Wiens (guitar) and Chuck Labosssiere (guitar/vocals) comment:

“Awhile back, we played with Massacre at a Chuck Schuldiner tribute show and we played ‘Open Casket.’  It turned out really cool with the slow grinding PG spin, so we just had to record it.” – Andrew Wiens

“As it is for a lot of people, Death was a big influence on us. We wanted to pay homage but also do our own thing with it, slowing it down, making it ‘doomy.’  We like to be creative and original even when we do covers. Both Tim (Roth) and Chuck (Wepfer) are naturally big Death fans themselves, so it just worked out to be this great collaboration and tribute. I’m honoured to have these two guys appear on this song, they are great friends and awesome players” – Chuck Labossiere


Psychotic Gardening return in 2014 with new material and the return of Chuck Labossiere after he filled in with Broken Hope for tour dates in Europe and Canada. Their forthcoming album ‘Hymnosis’ is set for release on May 13th and will follow up 2011’s ‘Humanitorium’ and 2007’s debut ‘Hürdür’.

Featuring nine heavy hitting assaults, ‘Hymnosis’ is sure to bang skulls with itsfull-throttle, go-for-the-throat execution of doom and black metal. In this release the band digs into its death metal roots for a concoction of their most vicious material while still hammering down on doom-laden monster riffs.


Teaser Link:


“Psychotic Gardening is unbelievable…fertile gothic doom metal form with deep, bottom dwelling crooner vocals backed by solid percussion, incredible keys and slashing guitar riffs.” – Uptown Mag

“Be sure to see Psychotic Gardening when they invade your town or city. The being in the sky orders you to see them or be prepared to pay with your soul!” – Metal Master Kingdom

“Psychotic Gardening has always been able to deliver crushing, mid-tempo, heavy madness and this teaser tells me its next album won’t disappoint, more info to come!” – Metal Made In Canada

“Menacing, frequently unnerving and atmospheric…” – Winnipeg Sun


Track Listing: Hymnosis
1. Origin of The Infection (4:23)
2. Defile (4:21)
3. Re-Hybridized Strain (3:50)
4. Mindfold (4:22)
5. Genome Degradation (4:33)
6. Searing Cital (5:34)
7. Garden Raiding (3:18)
8. Open Casket (7:23) (Death Cover ft. Tim Roth (Into Eternity) and Chuck Wepfer (Broken Hope))
9. Journey to the Sun (3:41)


Album & Live Band Line Up:
Chuck Labossiere – vocals/guitar
Gillishammer – vocals
Andrew Wiens – guitars
Mike Janssen – bass
Matt Penner – drums


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