Procession – To Reap Heavens Apart (High Roller Records)

This is the second full length from this Chilean band now based in Europe. Procession offer up Doom in the tradition of bands like Solstice and Candlemass –  epic , melodic and with plenty of weight. The band knows when to apply the pressure and when to hold back and be more subtle. The album starts with an epic charging instrumental with a galloping riff and an infectious melody weaving through it before it descends to pace for bone splitting heaviness of “Conjurer”. The guitar tone has a warmth that appears to be beyond the reach of most bands in this genre, the voice is deep and rich which soars with ease. This record has so many plus points it is hard to know where to start, “Death and Judgement” would sit comfortably on a Candlemass record and is so close that it could almost be called a rip off, however there is so much of Procession’s character in the song that would be unfair and underplay the majesty of this track. After the opening riffs it stops dead and introduces a lowly bass line with Felipe singing a lament before re-introducing the heaviness with a powerful vocal. The bass is high and heavy in the mix and compliments the guitars with its own runs and embellishments on the main riffs. The melodies keep coming, the head hammering riffs punching in from left and right and guitar solos which are tasteful and appropriate for the songs. So many times I have heard bands spoil otherwise great material with show off shredding that has no business being where it is. The title track is another stormer which conjurers images of riding into battle with the united power of your army by your side. There is a rousing chorus full of great aplomb complimented by pummelling doom sections. Rarely does an album come along with all the elements of classic heavy metal and doom with an exquisite production which already puts it in the top 5 albums of the year. This being Procession’s second full length they have certainly set the bar high for future releases, this is a band to watch. Not a poser will be left standing.


1. Damnatio Memorae
2. Conjurer
3. Death & Judgement
4. To Reap Heavens Apart
5. The Death Minstrel
6. Far From the Light


Claudio Botarro Neira – Bass
Uno Bruniusson – Drums
Jonas Pedersen – Guitar
Felipe Plaza Kutzbach – Guitars/Vocals

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