ZOMBIE Inc. – Resurrection Guaranteed (Massacre Records) (digital single)

zombie-inc6This single is taken from the second album by the death metal outfit ZOMBIE INC. The Band originated in Austria and features former Pungent Stench vocalist Martin Schirenc.

There is no reinvention of the wheel here but everything is in its place, the guitar sound is reminiscent of the likes of early Entombed and Dismember. The riff to the title track is instantly recognisable and doesn’t require much concentration to catch its nuances. The b-side “Grim Brutality” reeks of Morbid Angel with its slow brooding riff not unlike “Where the slime live”, vocally it is standard death metal vocals.

In this day and age there is still a place for well played straightforward death metal, it has style, no gimmicks and riffs that will crack your spine and has the sound of a band playing. So much of the modern death metal sounds so piecemeal and false. Solid production and solid songs – would be best served with a few beers and a raised fist.


1.Resurrection Guaranteed
2.Grim Brutality

Band Members

Martin Schirenc – Vocals
Wolfgang Rothbauer – Guitar
Gerald Huber – Guitar
Martin Arzberger – Bass
Florian Musil – Drums



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