Primitive – Into The Void EP

London based Primitive are a five piece band, consisting of Chris “Primitive” Rossiter – Vocalist ,Harley ‘Danger’ Manning – Bass, Scott ‘Ginger Horse’ Grimble Guitar, Ashley ‘Goatboy’ Howard also on Guitar and Tyrone ‘Djentleman’ Belsham on Drums and are one of the top underground bands on the circuit today with their blend of melodic death metal and progressive polyrhythmic grooves.
This Four track E.P captures the band delivering it on record, as they deliver it on stage, full of pummeling drums, jack knife guitar breaks and a guttural vocal style that should wake the dead.
‘Age Of Men’ is the opener, full of raw and powerful energy which propel this track very much into the death metal genre, however the complex time changes deliver something fresh, as there is a melody in the track, as well as a heavy driving force, a very impressive opener.
Track two is ‘Slaughterhouse’, and judging by the title, you just know it’s going to be brutal, a full on drum assault on the ears, a stomach churning bass attack, a hard hitting distorted guitar sound, matched with earth shaking vocal’s all blend together to hammer this one deep into your subconscious.
‘Nothing Remains’ hits you with a double bass attack from the off, this is the most powerful track on this EP, and I can see this being a gig favorite, moving from heavy to semi-funk in places due to a clever use of track progression, this one will have the crowd moshing.
‘Into The Void’ brings this juggernaut ride to an end, slightly slower than the other three, but no less as powerful, this is a dark track with a sense of foreboding that stays with you long after the track has finished.
While firmly planted in the death metal genre, they reach out and touch, incorporate others genres with ease, there are elements of funk, even progressive rock with the complex chord and time changes these tracks have, certainly a band doing it ‘their way’ and certainly a band to watch out for in the future. 8/10

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