Primitive interview, 21/12/11

I caught up with the lads from Primitive who hail from London. Who give us a introduction to who they are and what they do ;)

They have just released their demo EP  called ‘Into The Void’ a review of it will be coming shortly after I meet up with them when they play Arctic London Festival on the 6th Jan at Bridgehouse in Canningtown.

Primitive are

Chris Rossiter- Vocals
Harley Manning – Bass
Scott Grimble – Guitar
Ashley Howard – Guitar
Tyrone Belsham – Drums


Why did you pick the namePrimitive’ and what does it stand for?

H: I got fed up hearing “bring me wanna be” bands with long names and wanted a good ol’ fashioned metal name. Also I was listening to a lot of Soulfly at the time and saw the name Primitive and thought, “thats fucking brutal, we have to use it”

How did you come up with the idea for Primitive

H: I was in a shitty metalcore band. I left and started doing some writing. Ash was a bit torn between what to do but we had a few jams with the material I had come up with.  Ash started to put some stuff over it, and hey presto.  It worked. Then 3 line-ups later, here we are!

How would you describe the band?

Scott: A super hybrid genre machine

Chris: An aggression and passion fuelled music machine.

Scott: The band consist of many different genre’s that each member put in,  include thrash, jazz, djent, hardcore, death metal. An aggressive machine that is trying to push the boundaries that have been set before us.

What has changed since you first started out?

Scott:  The writing, the line up, the way we do things as a band


Scott:  At first the writing was very generic but with more thought processing, the band were able to make their own unique sound through the various genre’s that influence us. We are more organised as a band then when we first started.  We know what we want and we’re heading in the right direction, and with the right people to do it with

H:  Our songs don’t sound like bullet for my arsehole anymore! *laughs*.  The overall sound got heavier and faster. So sounds come in from New York hardcore to French death metal. So the style develops all the time but I think you can hear a signature sound with us. There’s a lot more commitment in the camp now since this solid line-up and a string of solid headlining gigs, so the proof is in the pudding

Chris:  Ash and Harley have been in the band since day 1.  I was the last to join, joining in the summer of 2011.  Now we are ready to take any venue by storm.

What are your musical influences?

Chris:  Modern Metal and Hardcore.  Bands such as Lamb Of God, Slipknot and Hatebreed

Ashley: Technical death metal, and djent. Bands like Trigger The Bloodshed, Periphery and Behemoth

H:  Mathcore and thrash with a touch of groove. so Pantera, Dillinger Escape Plan, Municipal Waste.

Ty:  dejnt and jazz. thrash, Corellia, Meshuggah and Animals as leaders

Scott: thrash, blues and a touch of prog.  Megadeth, bb king and mastodon

What equipment do you use? Any endorsements?

Chris: I used a SM58 mic and my cock. My cock is endorsed by Jesus himself

H: Fender and Yamaha 5 strings, Carlsbro and Ampeg cabs. Marshall heads. MXR/Dunlop pedal units

Ash:  I use a Cort KX5 Guitar, with my BOSS ME-50 Pedal. I use a Marshal Amp Head and Cab.  Also my brand new Epiphone Flying V Korina 1958, signed by Robb Flynn himself.

Ty:  give me a stretched piece of animal flesh over a pot and I’ll create some beats!

Scott: Equipment: Jackson Rhoades JS32T. Line 6 amplifier, say Marshall cab etc

Chris:  We are all working on endorsements as we speak, so can’t say anything till finalised.  This is as a band, and personally.

What kind of response did you get from your fans?

Chris:  Everyone who has come to see us, or even just caught us on stage.  Seem to Love us.  We cater to a larger audience than most bands we know.  We have damn near OAP’s staying and watching.  We played a gig at Monto Water Rats, where we thought we would clear the room as soon as we start to play.  To our surprise, most of the suits, stayed and enjoyed our set and cheered us on!

Tyrone:  We just fucking smash it really. To be honest.

H: only thing we haven’t seen yet is a wall of death (unless you count chris’) or tits( unless you count chirs’ )

Chris: *Laughs*

Any particular gig story or memorable experience you would like to share?

Ash: 22nd December.  Rise of the Goatboy!

Scott:  When Ricky (south eastern promoter) Started shouting PRIM-I-TIVE at only our second gig.  To which the entire room joined in and started a mass chant. 

H: I dunno really. Early days but I’d say Cambridge. Just tasting the gigging life outside of London made it all the more to look forward to.

Chris:  The first pit at Monto Water Rats.  Nothing beats people you don’t know starting a pit to your music.  Gave me a chubby!

Can you give us a quick description of your debut EP coming out next year?

Scott: HEAVY. *then after 5 minutes*, melodic, structured.  BUT HEAVY.

Chris: Something that’s gonna be on repeat for everyone who buys it!

Ash: heavy, with some awesome breakdowns, and some tweedley tweedley

H: Brutal,A good shows of our sound and a few surpirses chucked in for good measure

What are the plans for the rest of this year and 2012?

Chris:  we got a fair few gigs lined up, with more in the pipeline.  a few  fests, hopefully a big fest. who knows. spreading further afield.  Gaining more Raptors

H: Get some more gigs outside London, Go north and hit the big scenes in  the mid-lands. Got the E.P coming out in a few independent retailers up there, which we will be announcing soon. Just trying to get some good growth and develop a little more.

Scott:  Gonna gig some more, just spread across the country looking for  more people to join us in our dominance to rule the country. Also to get  more solo’s in the set and hopefully a Metallica cover

Chris: Not gonna happen Scott. no Metallica cover….

Ash:  I hope to tour my hometown of Krakow in Poland.

Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to the readers?

H: Have a butchers, support live music. you go to work, we do this so buy our merch and keep our bellies full and petrol in the tour van you cunts

Scott: Think of us as a band you are able to bang your head to, mosh to and  just get down to pure brutal metal with a fucking great atmosphere!

Chris: Think of us a band you can bang…….wink wink ladies ;)  BUY OUR FUCKING MERCH!  

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