Blaze Bayley – SinCity – Swansea 16/12/11

Blaze Bayley – SinCity –Swansea16/12/11


The night kicked off with Black Tamanous, a 4 piece metal band fromSwansea. They list their influences as Lamb Of God, Carcuss, Pantera and EyeHateGod. Unfortunately there were only about 20 people in the room including the bar staff during their set.



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The second band was The Exiled, a 5 piece metal band from Swansea. Their music is a mixture of thrash and melodic death metal with influences from the American and Scandinavian metal scenes.




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Up next was Disarm Goliath who have been supporting Blaze Bayley on theUKleg of this tour. They are a 5 piece metal band from Birmingham. As soon as they started all I could think was WOW. They were tight and front man “Ball Bustin” Steve Bell has one hell of a voice. If you weren’t watching them you would think someone had stuck a CD on. There has to be a strong Iron Maiden influence with these guys. If you get a chance to see them live then do it.



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Then it was time for Blaze Bayley. Right from the start he was up on the barriers with the crowd. There aren’t many singers who can spend almost the entire set bouncing around on the barriers with the crowd and still sing perfectly right the way through. Blaze did apologise for having to cancel the gig earlier this year due to having ‘problems’. He also announced that he will be releasing his new album early next year and that he will be back on his next tour. I can only hope that there is a better turn out next time as less than 100 people was really poor.



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