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From this now veteran group, comes another great sounding album that will have Persian Risk’s fans queuing to get their hands on it. It’s been nigh on 26 years since we last heard this British band play a live gig or record a song! But now after a fairly long sabbatical Carl Sentence has reformed the group to bring us the sounds of what was then an up and coming headlining band. The genre was dubbed back in 1979 as “The New Wave” of British heavy rock and Persian Risk came very quickly to the attention of the British rock scene.



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Emerging from the South Wales city of Cardiff this heavy metal melodic group was about to blaze a trail across the world, but they decided to call time out in 1986. Now after several years in the waiting and quite a few line up changes, Persian Risk seem to have risen again like a phoenix from the ashes of the 80’s, to present us with a really great piece of work.

About the album………….

The first song is ‘Asylum‘. When I heard this for the first time I was blown away by all the technical composition that’s been spent on producing such a memorable track, lead singer Carl Sentence’s voice and style just brings this to a fore in a massive explosion of sound. Half way through the song we can hear an excellent dual guitar riff from Howie G and Danny Willson which carry’s us through to the end of the song. Another great track is ‘Riding High‘ a remake of an old favorite released as a single back in 1983. It’s a fast paced ballad in a hard rock fashion and they’ve done this song great justice as a remake. Not always a success as fans tend to like the originals, but this one definitely cuts it.

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I found that track three ‘Killer‘ was a particular hit for myself. I loved the old school style of this one. Sounding like dare I say? A little like Ozzy? This I feel is due to the diversity of Carl’s amazing voice. Being able to sing in a variety of different ways gives this album it’s edge. Onto the albums title track, ‘Once A King‘. Starting with a short acapella duet it then develops into a rock ballad of the highest quality. Telling us a story of a mans struggle to rebuild his life with his family after losing everything he held dear to him. The brilliant musical skills of all the guys combined together make this song really visible in the minds eye, coming across (to me anyway) like a scene from a fantasial Connan type film.



I’ve moved on and skipped a few tracks here to talk about ‘Ride The Storm‘. The song starts with a nice melodious dual riff tone which builds up slowly with Carl’s voice caressing the words as he sings, taking us into a really deep feeling but mellow rock ballad. A great song to close your eyes too while letting it’s sweet soft notes flow over your body and transporting you to another place. But be prepared to be rocked hard by the ensuing song on the album, ‘ Fist Of Fury‘. A drum solo beats you into this rock solid track, and if you like and know your metal this will be a hit for fan’s of Persian Risk. ‘Woman And Rock‘ is the second track which is a re-recording of an old PR song from 1986. A good song and very well presented as a remix, but I felt it was a song of it’s time. It did remind me a little of the heady days of the 80’s rock scene with the long hair, tight pants and spangly jackets ( and that was just the guy’s! )

The last track on this album is called ‘Wasteland‘. Once again a good solid rock n roll track to finish on with all the bell’s and whistles you would love to hear on a final song. Justly so, tempting you to restart the album all over again and delight your neighbors with a cacophony of  real rockin songs.

Once A King (2012)
01.  Asylum
02.  Riding High
03.  Killer
04.  Once A King
05.  Soul Deceiver
06.  Battle Cry
07.  Spirit In My Dreams
08.  Ride the Storm
09.  Fist of Fury
10.  Women and Rock
11.  Wasteland
Extra Planetmosh Tech Notes:- Both tracks “Riding High” ( released as a single in 1983 ) and “Women and Rock” ( from the album, Rise Up ) are re-recordings of earlier Persian Risk songs.
This album also featured guest appearances from Don Airey, keyboards ( Whitesnake and Deep Purple). Bassist’s Chris Childs of ( Thunder and The Union) and Alex Meadows (Jamiroquai and Tom Jones). Plus guitar hero Danny Willson ( Martin Turner’s, Wishbone Ash).


Present Group Members..……
Carl Sentance – Vocals (’80-’86)-(2012-Present)
Howie G – Guitar
Wayne Banks – Bass
Tim Brown – Drums


Past Group Members…….
Jon Deverill – Vocals (’79-’80)
Phil Campbell – Guitar (’79-’84)
Dave Bell – Guitar (’79-’80)
Alex Lohfink – Guitar (’80-’81)
Graham Bath -Guitar (’83-’86)
Phil Vokins – Guitar (’84-’86)
Nick Hughes-Bass (’79-’86)
Razz – Drums (’79-’83)
Dixie Lee – Drums (’83-’84)
Steve Hopgood – Drums (’84-’86)


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