Out Cold – Interview

UK punk pop crew OUT COLD are currently making a name for themselves. The Londoners have just released their engulfing new single, Break Me Down, out now via all platforms. We asked the guys to introduce themselves:


What Is the Full Band line-up, who sings & who plays which instrument?


​So, on drums we have Will & on bass is Paul, then on the guitars we have Archie playing Rhythm & Jack on lead with Ethan being our singer.



How & when did the band form?


Out Cold started as a project quite a long time ago in 2017 of Will, Archie & Paul after their previous band came to an end but still wanted to carry on writing music/playing together. Then after constantly not being able to find the right type of person to join the band & many trials/auditions the guys finally met Jack online & it clicked instantly & the start of writing new music began. Soon enough after playing the first shows & practices we had enough songs & enough money saved to go and record an EP so we used the Ranch Production House and got to work with the amazing Neil Kennedy (Boston manor, Trash Boat, Creeper, Milk Teeth) and released The Truth Hurts in July 2018. Then due to a line-up change Jack was lucky enough to call on his old band mate Ethan to join as the new vocalist for the band & that’s when the current line up solidified.



How & when did the band really start gelling & solidifying?


I think we all realised pretty quickly that we really had something special going & had started gelling together really tightly was when Ethan joined the line-up as the vocalist. I think the energy that he came in with has just helped elevate our music to the point we feel like we’ve gone up a couple of levels in performance & crafting/musicianship towards the songs. We can definitely say we’re probably the most confident & proud of our music at this moment in time than we have been before as a band.



Who are your musical influences?


We’ve got quite an eclectic mix of musical influences in the band, for example our guitarist Archie enjoys the heavier side of rock like Architects or Vein, whereas other members totally vary with influences to bands like Trophy Eyes & Neck Deep to The Beatles, The 1975 to Stevie Wonder & NWA. Obviously, we all enjoy the alternative side of music but also quite a far range/mix of styles and artists to draw inspiration from.



Where have you played or toured?


It’s always been part of our ideals/mission as a band to “Play anywhere & everywhere” using that we’ve toured & played shows extensively around the UK from London, Brighton, Southampton, Leeds to Swansea and many more having toured/supported with bands such as Hopeless Records’ Australian pop punk giants Trophy Eyes on their latest UK album release tour for “The American Dream” in 2018, to Rude Records’ Homebound & Catch Fire album release tours as well as bands such as River Becomes Ocean, SHADED, Coast To Coast, Junior etc…


In your opinion, how is your band different from all the other bands out there?


I think Out Cold is different from other bands out there as I & our listeners don’t think there’s another band that come to mind who we sound like and are unable to be pigeonholed & stay unique. Seeing as we take influences from all genres and artists helping us stand out and able to fit comfortably on with different bands/artists whether that be pop, melodic hard-core, punk rock or alternative.




If a deaf person were to ask you to describe the sound of your music, how would you describe it?


I’d describe Out Cold to them as emotionally charged relatable and brutally honest lyrics set against an upbeat and fast musical background.




Where can we find your social media sites?









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