Onslaught – “VI”

onslaughtIf ever the name of a band can describe their music then Onslaught certainly fit the bill judging by the ferocity of the material on their 6th studio album aptly titled “VI”. There have been some excellent thrash metal albums released in 2013 and “VI” is a worthy addition to them with Onslaught flying the flag for British thrash metal and have been doing so since their formation in Bristol in 1983. They released 3 studio albums before splitting in 1989 but thankfully decided to reform in 2005 and since then have released Killing Peace in 2005 and Sounds Of Violence in 2011 but “VI” sees them raising the roof with 40 minutes of rage!

“VI” will be released via AFM Records on September 20th 2013 with a UK release on the 23rd and a U.S release on the 24th. “VI” was produced by ‘Plec’ Johansson who has given the guitars a crunch,bringing to mind early Entombed. “VI” begins with a brief intro which fades into album opener Chaos Is King. It is an intense an opener as Angel Of Death is to Reign In Blood. It hurtles along with pneumatic drill like drumming and riffs with the unmistakable voice of Sy Keeler effortlessly ranging from a snarl to a roar. After such a riotous start the pace dips for Fuel For My Fire as its grandiose intro gives way to catchy thrash metal backed by some furious footwork from new drummer Mic Mourihan. Other standouts are the 6 minute epic Children Of The Sand. Its dynamic pounding riffs and a wailing female backing vocal  give the song a Middle Eastern feel. A blistering guitar solo midway pushes the song into the stratosphere.

Song of the album is the anthemic 66 ‘Fucking’ 6 which is destined to be a monster when played live. The brutal rhythms contain the chorus of “We are the chaos legions,we fight with an iron fist,we play the devils music,we are the union of the 666,6 ‘fucking’ 6” over a serrating guitar riff. Cruci-fiction is another riff filled rager containing more apocalyptic drumming and album closer Enemy Of My Enemy has Sy’s most gnarly vocal on “VI” with galloping thrash riffs traded between guitarists Nige Rockett  and Andy-Rosser Davies.

“VI” is a tour de force of metal to be reckoned with and Onslaught will be touring extensively throughout October and November starting with 4 UK dates in Northumberland,Birmingham,Bristol and London.


Onslaught band line up :-

Sy Keeler – Vocals.

Nige Rockett – Guitar.

Andy-Rosser Davies – Guitar.

Jeff Williams – Bass guitar.

Mic Mourihan – Drums.


“VI” Track Listing : –

A New World Order.

Chaos Is King.

Fuel For My Fire.

Children Of The Sand.


66 ‘Fucking’ 6.


Dead Man Walking.

Enemy Of My Enemy.

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