Omb – SwineSong

Omb-SwinesongProgressive Israeli metallers, Omb have released their self-produced debut, SwineSong. Middle-Eastern acoustic leanings tailored with blackened thrash are the order of the day in this schizophrenic body of work.

It’s their pushing of the creative boundaries that proves to be the album’s downfall. Tossing everything into the cauldron does not a good soup make. There are moments that do excite but while the right ingredients may be present, as an album it lacks the cohesion that defines great progressive music.


Solid musicianship is displayed throughout and Omb has potential to succeed with a “less is more” approach for future releases.


SwineSong Tracklisting:

Milosh Had Seen Better Days

These Walls..

An Ordinary Caveman Sings Ode to Obsession

Mother Gazelle Father Horse

Someday My Prince Will Come

A Smaller Dose of Tyranny


Oh Mrs. Wade! You Shouldn’t Have!

Better Days Indeed

The Cricket’s Broken Violin


OMB is:

Or Rozenfeld – Bass

Davidavi Dolev – Vocals

Yuval Tamir – Drums

Yuval Kramer – Guitars



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