Nunslaughter – Angelic Dread (Hells Headbangers)

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On 16 July 2014
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Another batch of evil filth from the enigma that is Nunslaughter

NunslNUNSLAUGHTER ANGELIC DREAD coveraughter are  a 7” single releasing machine, collectors of this band must be driven to drink trying to keep up with their release schedule. At last count they had 138 different releases since 1987. This is only their 4th full length release which is a double album made up of 15 new tracks and 16 re-recorded from a series of split 7”s. The band do not appear to like the album format hence the release of so many singles. It also becomes apparent very quickly that these guys are less than pleased with religion. After being so used to listening to 7″s only the full length is a struggle at first. The new tracks and the re recordings sit alongside each other seamlessly and are all very much Nunslaughter. As a band they are instantly recognisable and this collection will not disappoint the old fans and should attract a few more to the filthy mob. Starting with the all new material the opener “Angelic Dread” sets the pace at traditional old school, thrashing death metal and fairly much follows the formula throughout. Nunslaughter have not diluted their sound over the length of their career and along with the obvious influences like Venom and Celtic Frost there is also a punk element in there which could be comparable to the likes of Toxic Holocaust. Essentially this is 2 albums however there is no comparable difference in the 2 time periods, there are a few tracks from the re-recordings which do tilt towards a more early Entombed style; “God has Lied” and “The Bog People” display these characteristics. The production on the whole is fantastic which is an area where the band sometimes just don’t come up to the mark. This is an album of catchy death metal and due to the sheer volume presented it does require a few listens to fully take it all on board.
Don of the Dead – Bass/Vocals
Zakk Massacre – Guitars
Jim Sadist – Guitars
The Mangler – Drums

Disc 1
1. Angelic Dread
2. Looking into the Abyss
3. Twisted Spirit
4. Crush the Guff
5. Inner Beast
6. The Lycanthrope
7. Blood Drinker
8. God
9. Doomtown
10. Don’t Mourn for Me
11. Infested
12. Coffins and Crosses
13. Three Nails, One Liar
14. One Bad Bitch
15. Death Beyond the Gallows

1. Emperor in Hell
2. God has Lied
3. The Bog People
4. Midnight Mass
5. Shadow World
6. Healing the Possessed
7. In the Graveyard
8. Ouija
9. It is I
10. Atheist Ways
11. Phantom
12. Sickened by the Sight of Christ
13. Black Horn of the Ram
14. Driving out the Demons
15. Deathlehem
16. Cerebus

Another batch of evil filth from the enigma that is Nunslaughter

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