Novembers Doom – Bled White

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Novembers Doom

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On 18 August 2014
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A stunning slice of Death/Doom Metal, magical from start to finish

Novembers Doom




Three years have passed since the release of ‘Aphotic’, so I was really eager to see what latest release ‘Bled White’ had to offer.

First thing to say is that the band have lost none of their burning passion and focus since the last album, indeed, if anything, a new found vigour and energy leapt out at me when I listened to this crushing slab of Death/Doom Metal. In particular, a much more pronounced emphasis on the vocal sound comes across throughout, from the deathly growls of the title track, to the lamenting tones of tracks such as the hauntingly beautiful ’Just Breathe’, the whole album just smacks of quality.

Novembers Doom have never been afraid to try different avenues and approaches, and this album continues that commitment to evolve and redefine the bands sound, ’Unrest’, for example, has many a twist and turn along the way, from hard hitting riffs and growls, to melancholic waves and passages that lift the whole piece to a very lofty level indeed.

Vocalist Paul Kuhr, gives an effortless and poetical performance throughout, ensuring that your attention is well and truly kept at all times, tracks such as ’The Memory Room’ evoke a feeling of storytelling and atmospheric beauty that few other bands in this genre can come anywhere near to replicating.

If proof were ever needed of the bands, and indeed this albums credentials, then look no further than the epic album closer ’The Silent Dark’, around ten minutes of total and all consuming genius, that mesmerises from the word go. Alternating between clean and growl vocal, backed by some of the most infectious hooks and riffs, and a superb drum sound, this really does the word epic total justice.

Whenever a new album appears, you often get the well rehearsed press release routine of “this is their best album to date…”, and lets be honest, quite frequently, it is not. However, in this case, I would genuinely say that this is Novembers Doom’s finest offering to date, a faultless display of deep and meaningful Doom and Death Metal that will take some beating.

Track Listing;

1. Bled White
2. Heartfelt
3. Just Breathe
4. Scorpius
5. Unrest
6. The Memory Room
7. The Brave Pawn
8. Clear
9. The Grand Circle
10.AnimusNovembers Doom band
11. The Silent Dark

Novembers Doom are;

Paul Kuhr – Vocals
Larry Roberts – Guitars
Vito Marchese – Guitars
Mike Feldman – Bass
Garry Naples – Drums

A stunning slice of Death/Doom Metal, magical from start to finish

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