NORSE to release new EP ‘Pest’ in June

The second NORSE album “All is Mist and Fog” has raked a lot of positive feedback. Since the release it had become a bit silent around the Australians but of course they haven’t taken a break. No, NORSE have been working on several new songs.

Norse-Pest-FrontThe result ist a new EP called “Pest“, which will be released on the 7th June 2014 in digital format online. You can expect six songs of the best Technical Death/Black Metal has to offer these days. The EP will be available here

Tracklist of “Pest”:
1. Encoded Weakness
2. Disarmed. Toothless. Weak
3. Pest
4. Irradiator
5. True Insignifigance
6. Aimless

More information can be found here:


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