Folter Records announce TROLL/AEON WINDS 7″ split EP

Folter Records have anounced the release date of the 7″ split EP of black metal bands TROLL (NOR) and AEON WINDS (SVK).

troll_aeon-winds_coverSince the release of their legendary album “Drep De Kristne” (1996) TROLL are well-known in the black metal scene. AEON WINDS from Slovakia is at the moment still an insider tip, but if you listen to their part of the split, you will notice that there is something lurking in the dark… and it’s just waiting for it’s chance.


TROLL – Tilbake Til Trollberg
AEON WINDS – Dead Speak Silence, Bones Speak Truth

The 7″ will be released on October 15th 2014 via Folter Records.

More information:

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