ARCTURON announces short documentary “Road to Varberg”

Arcturon have released a shortdocumentary about their new EP “Expect Us“, which will be released on the 24th of October this year, in form of a Trailer called “Road to Varberg“.

Why a band chooses to do an EP instead of an Album, and why they would travel across Europe to record four songs, are only two of many questions, that the video will answerarcturon_expect-us!

If you want an insight in the creation of a CD and watch the whole thing from a new perspective, then ‘Road To Varberg’ is the thing you are looking forward to.

01.   My Treasure
02.   Expect Us
03.   A Restless Soul
04.   Rowan

Check it out the first trailer here:

“Expect Us” will be released on 24.10.2014 through Supreme Chaos Records, celebrated in a releaseshow on 25. 10. 2014 in Pratteln (CH) with Darkane (S).

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