Nomadic Rituals / Tome – Split (Self Released)

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Nomadic Rituals/Tome

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On 18 February 2015
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Low end terror from two of Northern Ireland's most respected purveyors of Doom and Sludge

Nomadic Rituals

Two relatively new bands from Northern Ireland have come together to unleash this monstrous split vinyl onto an unsuspecting public. Nomadic Rituals released a full length “Holy Giants” last year which was well received and this one track “The Great Dying” is picking up where it left off. Its 2 minute intro of low subbed droning, feedback and perhaps tortured demon screams is altogether unnerving and that is all before the first note is struck. A slow death march of a riff crawls along at a snails pace with the vocals of Craig which has an effect soaked howl and scream combination. After the mid way sub bass section a riff builds in a Hawkwind style manner, steeped in effects which builds to a double kick pattern with psychedelic fuzzed out solo and more torturous screams. This is a heavy 14 mins which has 3 very distinct sections, the time flies by and warrants several rotations, each time you will miss something there is that much going on.
Tome weigh in on the other side of this split with “Bone Divinations” which is every bit as heavy as Nomadics but in a much more straightforward manner. A handful of bludgeoning riffs that are driven along by heavy handed drums again with vocals steeped in effects and does to a certain degree take away from the full force of the vocals. Both tracks have a commonality in the production stakes both recorded by Niall Doran but are very different stylistically. The bands are self releasing this monster complete with hand printed sleeves, a real labour of love, the artwork is created by Matt of Tome and the layout by Craig from Nomadic Rituals. It is fantastic to see 2 bands working together like this to promote the same love for unrelenting, uncompromising heavy music. DIY til the Death!



1. Nomadic Rituals – The Great Dying
2. Tome – Bone Divinations
C Carson – Bass/Vocals/Synth
P Hunter – Guitar/Vocals
M Smyth – Drums/Sample


TOME Lineup
M Salters – Guitar/Vocals
D McIlhatton – Bass
C McAuley – Drums

Low end terror from two of Northern Ireland's most respected purveyors of Doom and Sludge

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