Noctem – Oblivion.

Phew,this is intense stuff to say the least and definitely not for the faint hearted.I can honestly say that when i played this it was like hearing Slayer’s epic Reign In Blood for the 1st time.So basically if you like gutteral vocals,buzzsaw rhythm guitars with searing solos topped off by machine gun drumming then this upcoming release by Noctem via Metal Blade on Oct.25th then Oblivion will not disappoint!
Oblivion kicks off with the orchestral/choir lead epic instrumental Popul Vuh before all hell breaks loose as The Arrival Of The False Gods explodes from the speakers.The only let up in pace is on the haunting instrumental A Uma Rka Aaj and an ambient section in the middle of the 13 minute title track that closes the album in visceral style.
After a few line up changes since they formed in 2001,the Spanish based Noctem consist of:-
Exo-Lead guitar.
Oblivion is Noctem’s 5th release following the previous:-
Unholy Blood demo- 2003.
Live demo- 2004.
God Among Slaves- 2007.
Divinity- 2009.

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