No Worth of Man set loose new video

Deeply imposing trio NO WORTH OF MAN are braced to unleash their powerful new EP, What’s Your Damage? on Friday 8th March. The UK heavyweights have also released their thumping new single and video, An Unpaintable Soul

Formed in 2016 by long term friends Peter Gale (Vocals), Alex Punchard (Guitars and Bass) and Gareth Lucas (Drums and Samples), NO WORTH OF MAN come at you from Hampshire, England and pull from a range of influences shifting from Dream Theater, Lamb of God, and Dimmu Borgir, through to Led Zeppelin. The Southern riff beasts merge striking metal and groove with an insistent stance and progressive conviction to construct a unique and prominent sound.

Prising the envelope of innovation is vital to NO WORTH OF MAN. The band have always been resolute to try something different from self-producing their debut EP, Initium Novum, to engineering and recording their own live studio EP, The Middle Farm Experiment, through to working with acclaimed Metal Hall of Famer, Fredrick Nordstrom (Soilwork, Bring Me the Horizon, Dream Evil) on their upcoming EP, What’s Your Damage? Their endeavours have resulted in a growing following and an ever-expanding fanbase, demonstrating that the build is on for the Brit riff merchants.

Support shows throughout the UK have also helped their rise. So far, the band have played alongside the likes of Karma to Burn, King 810, Puppy, Left to Die, Evile, and Cultura Tres. NO WORTH OF MAN will undertake a run of shows to coincide with the release of their stunning new EP, What’s Your Damage? The trio remark about the release: “The influence for us was to deliver a collection of material that cohesively brought together the theme of good against the dark forces in this world. The motivation was to create a sonically hard hitting but dynamically varied set of tracks with enough twists and turns to keep the listener engaged throughout.” Upon listening to What’s Your Damage?, the EP has more than completed the band’s manifesto. It’s a brutal gathering of four vicious cuts that twist around your senses, overtaking you and leaving you hooked and entirely connected. You need this band in your life…..

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