Ninth circle – The power of one

“The power of one” is the album from US Power metal trio Ninth Circle.  The album includes eleven original tracks and a cover of the Iron Maiden classic “The Trooper”.

The band are clearly heavily influenced by European power metal bands such as Hammerfall or Stratovarius, and there’s an obvious Iron Maiden influence here as well that’s obvious even without them doing an Iron Maiden cover.

It’s a good solid power metal album, but doesnt really stand out from the crowd I’m afraid.  The production could have been better – it just seems to lack some of the Power that it should have.

A good power metal album, but plenty of room for them to improve.

Rating: 6/10

Ninth circle are:

Dennis Brown – Guitar/vocals
Frank Forray – Bass
Dave Davis – Drums

Track listing:

1. Frontman
2. The power of one
3. The journey
4. Where no one lives
5. Our last days
6. How many times
7. Fire falling
8. Hour 21
9. Obsession
10. If it bleeds
11. The trooper
12. Prisoner of the world

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