Black Cherry – Defying gravity

Black Cherry are a band from Ottawa, Canada – there’s a totally different band with the same name based in London to cause confusion, as well as the similarly named but far better known Black Stone Cherry, so trying to find information about the band isnt as easy as it might be – if you want to know about them, there’s a link to their website below.

Black Cherry released this album late last year but it’s only very recently that they’ve had a UK distributor for it.  It’s described as female fronted blues rock.  The vocals are great, and the songs are nicely laid back and very listenable.  There’s plenty of variety between the songs too which keeps things interesting.

Brief comments on a few of the songs..

“There’s the door” reminds me of Alannah Myles and is a great blues-rock track.

“Dans mon coeur” is unusual in that it’s sung in a mix of French and English – the chorus being in French with the verses in English.  It’s a lovely song – slow and gentle.

“Let’s go fat cats” is an odd song to find on an album like this – it’s basically a theme song for the Ottawa fat cats baseball team.

Overall I’d describe the album as blues rock, but it’s more diverse than that description implies, with hints of pop and jazz in the mix as well as blues rock.  As an example, it’s not often you’ll find a blues-rock album with flute and saxophone being used.  It’s a great album thats well worth checking out.

Rating:  7/10

Track listing

1. Defying gravity
2. I should be running
3. There’s the door
4. Dans mon coeur
5. One way ticket
6. Toms for Patt
7. Just the other day
8. Is this the future
9. Minuet in the basement
10. More blue skies
11. Let’s go fat cats

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