Night By Night w/support from Six Hour Sundown – Boston Music Rooms – 10.02.12

A freezing cold Friday evening in London and I am tonight at the Boston music Rooms for Night By Night’s single release party however before that we have the pleasure of Six Hour Sundown’s a set from Six Hour Sundown.

In case you have not heard of Six Hour Sundown as yet they are a five piece rock outfit from London and the South East and they are fronted by the lovely Lauren Harris, on the guitars there are Tom Gentry and James Bennett, on bass it’s Mitch Whitham and on the drums is excellent sticksman Olly Smith.

Their style is a very edgy cocktail of modern rock with bluesy riffs and excellent vocals, you can hear elements of various bands like the foo fighters, velvet revolver to name a couple however they manage to keep their sound their own.

These guys have a well-polished sound that lends itself to the stage very well, Lauren has a great command of the stage and the flamboyance of the three guys on the guitars and bass strengthens their stage presence.

The show this evening features a lot of new material however special mentions to “Smoke and Mirrors”, “Silence When I Scream” and their current single release which came out on the 5th of December “Jekyll & Hyde” which you can check out on their facebook along with a couple of other stonkers from their set “Angels” and “Blow Out The Candle”.

Full set list: 1000 Miles, Smoke & Mirrors, Shadow Of My Past, Blow Out The Candle, Silence When I Scream, Fire & Lightning, Angels, Rain On Me, Jekyll & Hyde and All My Life.

overall 8/10

Check out their facebook page here for upcoming dates, music and info on the band.


And so on to tonight’s main event ”Night By Night” who hail from London, Night By Night are a five piece band with a sound I can only describe as modern classic rock, they are Daniel Rossall on vocals, Ben Christo and Tom Daniel on guitars, Jonny Thornton on Bass and Damien Diablo on the drums.

Their sound is splashes of all the best parts of eighties, nineties and (I hate writing this) the noughties all fused into a powerful package which seems to fit perfectly for the ten’s (is that what this decade’s being called? I’m not sure). I can hear influences of bands such as Def Leppard, AC/DC , The Cult and also Funeral for a Friend however the guys do it in a way that’s original and fresh, guitars are brutal yet delivered with skill and dexterity, bass and drums hold everything together and they deliver awesome three part harmonies as if they have been singing with each other from birth.

The guys open up with “The Moment” which begins ballady with light strings but quickly becomes a fast paced rocky track filled with all the elements I’ve been through above all delivered with drive and determination, an awesome two part solo is distinctive and the song finishes abruptly but not rudely on the title words.

Another track I am going to mention is the closer “Can’t Walk Away”  this track brought memories flooding back from my childhood, squealing guitars, powerful riffs, thumping drums an eighties classic brought delightfully up to date with some fantastically delivered lyrics. All in all a fantastic track to finish off the night with.

Looking froward to hearing more from these guys with single release not far along the way and an album rumoured to be out in May.

Night by Night’s Full set list: The Moment, It’s Not Faith, Time To Escape (New single, more about this soon), Siren, If Only, A Thousand Lies, Can’t Walk Away.

Overall 8.5/10

The 5th of March 2012 will see  the release of “Time to Escape” so get over to their facebook by clicking here and “like”.


All Photo’s except for the Night By Night banner advert courtesy of Linda Heron photography. (click for full size)


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