Cadaveria – Horror Metal CD

I have to be honest with you folks I think this will be an experience for me. I have the mentality of an old lady and tend to stick with what I know so this will be interesting.

So here we go then! First track Flowers in Fire.

Instantly I am reminded of darkness, graveyards and frost as the track starts off with the recording of a church bell, demonic voices and the sound of someone walking.

A slow eerie beat starts us off with voice of Cadaveria almost droning along with it. A chunkified riff kicks in, 1.29.

Aw maaan, what a fantastic female growl, the blast beats from Marçelo Santos kick in and I kid you not, a chill ran down my spine.  Here comes the groove at 4.50.

Track two starts off at full pelt with blast beats and groove a plenty, this combination of fast paced drums, riff and a


fantastic female voice reminds me of Arch Enemy, an obvious connection I know but there you go. At 1.26 Cadaveria’s clean vocals elevate over the riffs accompanied by her growls, fantastic.

At 3.02 in Whispers of Sin a weird sounding solo rips off adding another element to the madness.
A very soulful solo at 1.46 in The Days after and Behind which is then accompanied by Cadaveria’s melancholy voice.The beginning of Assassin starts off very slow with violins, or possibly keyboard violins, but I have no intention of falling into a false sense of security. As predicted a few seconds in the heavy insanity kicks in again. At 1.54 my attention picked up at the beginning of some fantastic chunky riffage. 2.23! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES that was a mental orgasm from groove, fantastic! (rewinds) After this grooveage a slower part envelops with the harsh vocal sound which reminds me of The Meads of Asphodel. A cheeky solo at the end there, amazing tone and a piano/keyboard fade out, nice.

Another insane solo at 1.56 in Apocalypse.... 2.58! GO!

The start of The Oracle (Of the Fog) is dripping with groove and harsh vocals, very gripping.  Another awesome solo and at 2.42 a beautiful classical guitar piece, I am certainly being treated.

Dun dun dun dun more grove in the last track Hypnotic Psychosis.

I started off listening to this album with an air of interest and I was not disappointed it has certainly been an experience that has opened my mind slightly, though I wouldn’t say I was entirely closed minded. Even a grove craving Death/Thrash fan can find their appetite satisfied listening to this album and be intrigued by the strange elements that accompany it. It is certainly an album that will grow on me.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Band Line Up

Cadaveria: Vocals

Frank Booth: Guitars

Dick Laurent: Guitars

Killer Bob: Bass

Marçelo Santos: Drums


Track Listing

Flowers in Fire

The Night’s Theatre

Death Vision

Whispers of Sin


The Oracle (Of the Fog)


This Is Not The Silence



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