Pitchshifter Re-Release Their ‘Un- United Kingdom’ Single on January 31st, to Commiserate Brexit, Joined by Co-conspirators from: The Wildhearts, Fear Factory, ‘A’, Sikth, Hundred Reasons and Earthtone 9!

Agent provocateurs Pitchshifter prophetically foreshadowed the current Brexit debacle with their 1999 release ‘Un-United Kingdom”.

The band are re-releasing the Un-Uk track on January 31st, joined by vocalists and co-conspirators from The Wildhearts, Fear Factory, ‘A’, Sikth, Hundred Reasons and Earthtone 9!


JS Clayden said, “In these times of political and societal dischord, we give you the ‘Un-United Kingdom 20th Anniversary Brexit Edition’, featuring gang vocals from the following pillars of the community:
* J.S. Clayden of Pitchshifter
* Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory
* Ginger of The Wildhearts
* Jason Perry of ‘A’
* Mikee Goodman of Sikth
* Colin Doran of Hundred Reasons
* Karl Middleton of Earthtone 9”

The track is available to pre-order and pre-save on Bandcamp, Spotify and all all other streaming sites here:


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