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On 6 November 2022
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Fear Factory put the fear and fury in new studio album Recoded.

I’ll admit to a degree of trepidation before tackling this review of Recoded, the eleventh studio album by Fear Factory, released via Nuclear Blast Records on October 28th 2022 as it’s a remix of their previous Aggression Continuum, their previous album which I reviewed in June 2021, one of their heaviest releases for quite some time and the first remix since 1997’s Remanufacture album to coincide with their 32nd anniversary.

One spin of Recoded quelled my fears as the use of electronics add a fantastic new dimension to these eleven songs. It eerily opens up with the spoken word ‘Adapt Or Die’ that sets the scene for the mayhem that follows as ‘Hatred Will Prevail’ has electronic beats over a metronomic drum pound for a clubbing minute until the razor sharp riffing of Dino Cazares and the trademark bark of Burton C. Bell takes command. It immediately impresses at all levels for a certified pit opener but somehow gets even heavier with a crushing outro.

‘Disobey’, first single taken from the album is a gruelling grind but still makes for a rewarding listen as off kilter drum patterns add an edge to the riffs as Burton soars towards the stomped outro.

Gargantuan rhythms in ‘I Am The Nightrider’ are needed to propel the herculean kick drum battery along but lashings of melody come from techno grooves to provide light and shade amongst the madness.

Heartbeat tempos grab you from the off as its veins pump pulsing industrial metal vibes throughout four fiery minutes as ‘Path To Salvation’ is nothing less than skin flaying.

‘Worthless’ is far from its title as electronic pulses and swathes rule with aplomb.

‘Empires Fall’ is majestic death metal that takes no prisoners for a lung wrenching lead vocal that stands toe to toe against the bludgeoning riffs.

The heaviest song comes from ‘System Assassin’ as riffs fly out of your speakers fast and furious, adding a backbone for a spotlight stealing vocal.

The main riff to ‘Hypocrisy Of Faith’, is also the eighth wonder of the World as Dino hammers it out with proto thrash metal power and tectonic plate shifting prowess is destruction personified.

Dino is a riff machine during ‘It’s My Life’ as this metal monster takes me back to their Demanufacture era.

The album ends far too soon as a breathtaking climax comes from ‘Recoded’, a song to test the metal mettle of any P.A system its blasted through. These six minutes are surely 666 minutes as the gates of Hell open up to unleash the perfect collaboration between technology and brutality!

Purchase links to Recoded and other band info are here :- https://linktr.ee/fearfactory

Recoded album track listing and collaborators :-

Adapt Or Die – Fear Factory, Zardonic.

Hatred Will Prevail – Monolith Remix (Fear Factory, Rhys Fulber).

Disobey – Disruptor Remix (Fear Factory, Zardonic).

I Am The Nightrider – Fuel Injected Suicide Machine Remix (Fear Factory, Zardonic, Dualized).

Path To Salvation – Purity Remix (Fear Factory, Rhys Fulber).

Worthless – End Of Line Remix (Fear Factory, Zardonic).

Empires Fall – Collapse Remix (Fear Factory, Tyrant Of Death).

System Assassin – Aggression Continuum Remix (Fear Factory, Rhys Fulber).

Hypocrisy Of Faith – Manufactured Hope Remix (Fear Factory, Rob Gee).

This Is My Life – Cognitive Dissonance Remix (Fear Factory, Zardonic).

Recoded – Recode Mix (Fear Factory, Blush Response).

Fear Factory put the fear and fury in new studio album Recoded.

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