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On 11 February 2014
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First of all an introduction as I am sure there may well be a few people out there who are unfamiliar with Nervosa, well Nervosa are a three piece all female Trash metal outfit hailing from Brazil. Fernanda Lira takes the vocal and bass duties with Prika Amaral on guitars and backing Vocals and completing the lineup is Pitchu Ferraz on the drums, they began in 2010 although Fernanda joined in 2011 and Pitchu in 2013, they are signed to Napalm Records and this review is for their first full length album “Victim Of Yourself” the only previous release being their Demo in 2012.

The album begins with an eerie symphony of battlefield noises, creaking metal, threatening thunder and tortured screams leading into the first song of the record “Twisted Values” and my first impression is contrary to my expectations as a first album I was expecting roughness and some rookie mistakes however this is a solid piece of Osmium (I wonder how many of you google that?) all polished up and reflecting the lightshow from a packed out Metal venue somewhere in South America (well that’s what I can see in my mind’s eye as I listen) supremely confident and technical yet high speed riff’s and fantastic growly yet understandable female vocal all excellently whipped up in to a tornado of a mosh pit by the intricate bass and masterful percussion.

As I write this I am unsure of what track I am on without looking but that for me is a good thing as it means as yet I’ve not skipped forward instead I keep slipping into a day dream to that South American Metal venue where my hair has suddenly grown by about 2 foot and I am furiously windmilling away at the front of a sweaty crowd surrounded by old school thrash patched jackets whilst these three amazingly talented ladies slay us with their ferocious tunes.

Ok so now I have checked and I am up to track 9 “Into Mosh Pit” and it’s a thunderous piece of glorious Thrash, seriously this track kicks ass (just like the rest but a little bit more so) and the girls show a little but more brutality with this one, this track was also featured on a recent Napalm sampler and I can see why it would be a favorite however so far I would have picked “Envious” which is track 6 on the album.

I’m not going to blabber on about this one as I feel it would be detracting you from the mission at hand and that is getting over to their Facebook giving them some support and then waiting with baited breath for the 3rd of March when “Victim Of Yourself” is released here in the UK (it’s available for pre order now), there is however an album sampler link below.

Final thoughts: This is going on my iPod and in the car and into my DJ sets the only difficulty with the last  being which one of the eleven awesome tracks to pick! No wonder Max Cavalera is a fan!

Score: 8 out of 10

Track list:

  1. Intro
  2. Twisted Values
  3. Justice Be Done
  4. Wake Up and Fight
  5. Nasty Injury
  6. Envious
  7. Morbid Courage
  8. Death
  9. Into Mosh Pit
  10. Deep Misery
  11. Victim Of Yourself
  12. Urnaio Em Nos

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