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On 7 June 2015
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“Heavy Meta” by Nekrogoblikon – the album for every goblin, goblin fan and/or fun and quality music lover.

There are numerous names for the bands that play troll metal, all sorts of fictional monster metal… Nekrogoblikon perhaps could go on the same shelf – melodic and truly fun goblin metal, which is usually described as melodic death metal/folk metal. The music of the Nekrogoblikon further will be named as the goblin metal for well, what they prepare for us, listeners. Nekrogoblikon seemed to take their time while recording the new full-length album and “Heavy Meta” which saw the daylight on the 1st of June, 2015 is the third full-length studio album during the nine years of band’s existence.

Heavy Meta by Nekrogoblikon

The new “Heavy Meta” album is as fun as everything related Nekrogoblikon is: video clips, merchandise, image and ideas. Very melodic indeed, dynamic – there is nothing that could possibly bore the listener and as much as it sounds funny it is technically more than amazingly well produced record.  The guitar parts, keyboards, bass guitar and rhythm of the drums – all the instruments have their significant input which is easy to feel for even inexperienced ear. Vocals changes from growl to harsh to clean and back – that is definitely a quality work, which does not sound amateurish or as a joke, as the Nekrogoblikon music was often described before this album faced the daylight.

Apart from this quite seriously made and technically well served musical side, let’s see the fun side. First of all, lyrics – there is nothing much to expect, as there some goblins playing.. or guys about goblins – that would not make any big difference, as the goblins usually are not considered particularly intelligent creatures. Songs titles speaks for themselves. As for the video clip, which was quite hilarious, the chosen track was “We Need A Gimmick”, although I think that fast track called “Bring Us More” could do another one entertaining video as well. But the top of that, what is worth the Goblin himself, standing in front of everyone and well, giving the gimmicks and parodies throughout the whole video with the “Guide on How to Blow Up the Internet” – that is very topical nowadays. The next time they will play in town – I will be the first to queue in line!

Evil and fun in the form of the very real goblin blends in the music of the album “Heavy Meta” – who could have expected that from the sunny Californian metalheads! The album is very amusing indeed and together with the technically strong musical side is proving the great band’s progress.

“Heavy Meta” by Nekrogoblikon – the album for every goblin, goblin fan and/or fun and quality music lover.


Reviewers pick: “Bring Us More”.

Nekrogoblikon are:
Scorpion – Vocals, Keyboards
Diamond – Guitars, Backup Vocals
Goldberg – Guitars, Backup vocals
Fingers – Bass, Backup vocals
Bready – Drums
Raptor– Keyboards
John Goblikon – Goblin, Holder of the Sacred  Keys, Deflowerer of wenches

Track listing:
1. The End Of Infinity
2. We’ve Had Enough
3. Bring Us More
4. Snax & Violence
5. Atlantis
6. We Need A Gimmick
7. Full Body Xplosion
8. Let’s Get Fucked (with Andrew WK)
9. Mood Swings
10. Nekrogoblikon


“Heavy Meta” by Nekrogoblikon – the album for every goblin, goblin fan and/or fun and quality music lover.

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