NARRATOR release new video for “Stunde der Wölfe”

NARRATOR live up to their name again. With their debut EP “Von Kreaturen und Kriegern” they already confronted the listener with tales about history and mythology. Narrator-Bandfoto-mit-LogoThis is not only presented through the lyrics, but also through the music: hard guitars become a melodical event by their combination with bagpipes and flutes, and the voice of vocalist Julian brings the narrations to life with an unexpected intensity.

With their new video for the song “Stunde der Wölfe“, taken from their upcoming album “Schatten der Zeitalter”, they proove again their ambition to present quality and entertainment. Instead of shooting a “normal” music video, NARRATOR united with the production firm AVA Studios and director Oliver Sommer to shoot “Stunde der Wölfe” on Schloss Virnsberg (near to Bad Winsheim) and to befittingly visualize the song.

The leading role is played by nobody other than Prinz Hodenherz (FEUERSCHWANZ) who showed surprising talent as an actor. But we won’t like to put you on a rack any longer, so enjoy this exciting tale about the constant decay of virtues… to the bitter end:

The single “Stunde der Wölfe” is available here:



More information about NARRATOR can be found here:



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