Alternative power rock trio, MRS BECKETT, announce plans to release their debut album, Unattractively Needy, which is out on Friday 23rd September. The record is heralded by a new single, Devastating, out now, and you can watch the video, here – .

Channeling influences ranging from an assortment of sources, from the dirt and power of Motorhead and Tom Waits, to the vibe and shimmer of Little Richard and James Brown, MRS BECKETT meld the raucous passion of authentic alt-rock nailed against a modern-day urban setting. The band’s sound is unique and captivating, and springs right up, deserving keen interest.

From the North East of England, MRS BECKETT was formed in 2019 by lead singer and guitarist, Jim Kitson, who made an abortive attempt to write a musical of the same name about a band reforming after one of its members had transitioned. Kitson comments: “Writing the first songs by plugging my Telecaster into my Marshall valve amp and letting rip, I had an epiphany:  I hated Musical Theatre and only Rock ’n’ Roll meant anything to me”. He took the songs to long-time musical companion, Pete Peverley, who agreed to play bass. The duo then approached North East music scene stalwart, Dave Pipkin, to be the band’s drummer. “I’m not playing any f*cking covers” said the cranky brummie.  And there MRS BECKETT was born. 

MRS BECKETT are now stocked with a marvelous debut album entitled, Unattractively Needy, which carries a hefty collection of alt rock cuts that twist and contort around your eardrums. There’s a real authentic vibe to the album too. Jim goes on to remark: “We recorded in The Shed at my house in County Durham, all playing live together in the room, no click tracks, the guitar and bass sounds are what came out of the amps and there’s not much on the drums except Dave’s sunny smile’!” The soaring northerners are now ready to enforce their name in the UK fraternity for many years to come.

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