Mosh Against Cancer 2014, 17 & 18th May at Lomax Liverpool

Nexts years Mosh Against Cancer  is set to take place at the Lomax in Liverpool on the 17th and 18th May 2014.

After the success of last years M.A.C. Satanhelpsmepromote and Thrashmong promotions have decided to bring it back in 2014, but this time over 2 day :).

Thats right twice as many bands, twice the amount of fun and hopefully twice the money raised. Its will be held in the hub of live music in Liverpool The Lomax!

So expect some of the best local bands and a few surprises. Tickets will be on sale early next year.

So help raise money for CANCER RESEARCH by turning up, spreading the word and donating.

Thanks Alan.

So in no particular order…..

Sunday HeadlinersHECATE ENTHRONED emerged as one of the most intense bands to come out of the Black Death Metal scene. Dedicated to delivering their own brand of truly evil metal with little regard to politics or the trends of popular demand.

INCINERY lives and breathes thrash. It is the very fire pumping through There collective veins. They are devoted to delivering fast and aggressive thrash metal that will melt your face and leave you slobbering for more!

Conquest of Steel have been hailed as Britains finest heavy metal warriors, and not without due cause. Renowned for their manic live shows Conquest are a band that truly delivers on its promise of true heavy metal! Clad in denim and spikes these proud flag bearers of the UK metal scene continue to spill the blood of false pretenders.

Ninkharsag represents the force of elemental energy focused into raw power. Combining the sacred sound of ‘second wave’ black metal and infusing it with a contemporary aesthetic, Ninkharsag tears a hole through the now mire filled black metal scene to restore the power and majesty which made black metal a force to be reckoned with. Unafraid to imbue their songs with meaning, scope, a classical approach to riff structure and a sonic fury that bespeaks of a consuming hunger to conquer.

Consisting of members of Anaal Nathrakh, Fukpig, The Ocean and Hospital of Death, Danmaku is the result of one long time thashers dream of getting together a band of other thrashers to create a fast, brutal thrash band that harks back to the glory days of thrash and early death metal.

For more information about this event check out their FB Event page:

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